Creating your first Codewind project with Codewind for Eclipse

To create your first project:

1. Right-click the Local [Running] item and select Create New Project….

image of the menu where you select Create New Project

2. Creating a new project displays the project creation screen.

image of the project creation screen

3. Enter a name for the project and change the location if you want. Scroll through the list of templates until you see Node.js Express. For more information about templates, see Working with templates.

image of the list of templates

4. Select this template and click Finish. You now see the project overview screen.

image of the project overview screen

5. Codewind now starts to build and run your very first project. This process initially takes several minutes, depending on the speed of your network and the selected project.

Once complete, the following screen shows your application is built and running.

image of the screen that shows the application is built and running

6. To view your running application, select it in the Codewind Explorer view and click the Open Application icon. image of the Open Application icon

This icon launches your web browser and displays your application.

image of the application in the web browser

Congratulations, you have now created, built and run your first Codewind project using Codewind on your local machine.

Next Steps

Choose from the following:

Getting started with Codewind - next steps Continue to instructions for making a code change with Eclipse to see the auto-build-and-run feature in action.

Installing Codewind for remote use If you intend to use Codewind remotely, you have now completed the prerequisite step of installing Codewind on your local machine and can now proceed:

  1. Deploy Codewind to your cloud if not already done so by you or a sysadmin/DevOps engineer. See tutorial Deploying Codewind Remotely.
  2. Connect your Codewind extension of your local desktop IDE to Codewind in your cloud by following the tutorial Using Codewind Remotely.