Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work creating a Codewind plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. This is a tech preview because there are still some fundamental features to be implemented, but we have made significant progress.

Our first tech preview release included basic support for Codewind, and last month we added the ability to show the log files, open the performance dashboard and debug projects.

This month, we’ve added the support for opening the application metrics dashboard and the ability to open a shell into the application container.

Here’s a high-level feature comparison between the IDEs:

Feature VS Code Eclipse IntelliJ
Local container development x x x
Automatic project build x x x
Remote Codewind connection x x  
Launch application x x x
Local debug mode x x x
Application metrics view x x new
Performance tool x x new
Inject metrics endpoint x x new
View container logs x x x
View application logs x x x
Open container shell x x new
Example templates x x x
Template manager support x x  
Node.js profiler plugin x    
Java profiler plugin x    
OpenAPI plugin x