Creating your first Codewind project with Codewind for Eclipse Che

Note: If you already have projects in your Che workspace, such as from your devfile, add them to Codewind with the Add Existing Project command instead of the Create New Project command.

  1. To create a Codewind project in Che, click Create New Project in the Codewind Project Explorer or go to View>Find Command… and click Codewind: Create New Project.
  2. Click a template source to enable. Codewind on Che bundles Default templates, Kabanero Collections, OpenShift Templates, and Appsody Stacks.
    • Note: OpenShift Templates are visible only when Codewind is running on OpenShift clusters.
  3. After you select a template, choose a project type and press Enter to create the project. Codewind starts to build and deploy the project. The project can take up to a few minutes to begin to run. After the project is created, in the Projects view, your project appears, and the project overview page opens.
  4. After you create a project, you can explore it with the following actions:
    • Right-click your project and click Show all logs to see the logs for the project.
    • To view the project code, go to the Explorer Projects view and click your project folder and the file you want to view.
    • Click Open Application to open your application in your browser.

Checking the status of a project

The Codewind Project Explorer view shows two statuses.

  • The first status is the application status, which tells you if the application is running, stopped, or starting.
  • The second status is the build status, which tells you what the most recent status of the build was, such as if the build succeeded, failed, or produced a specific error. For example, the build status can tell you if the deployment failed.
  • Note: Appsody projects do not display build status.
  1. After the project finishes building, its build status changes to Build Succeeded.
  2. After the application is built and deployed, the appliction status changes to Starting.
  3. When the application is running, the application status changes to Running.

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