Creating a Codewind workspace in Che

Use Codewind with Che workspaces to develop your application in a single location.

Creating the Codewind workspace with a devfile

Codewind includes a ready-to-use devfile with its plug-ins. Complete the following steps to create a Codewind workspace:

  1. Log in to Che. Che loads.
  2. Go to Workspaces and click Add Workspace.
  3. Click Import Devfile.
  4. From Source, click YAML.
  5. Go to codewind-che-plugin/0.14.1/devfile.yaml and copy and paste the contents into the YAML text box in your Che workspace.
  6. Click Create & Open.

For more sample devfiles, see codewind-templates/devfiles/.

Next Step

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