Eclipse BaSyx is an open source platform for the next generation automation. As a reference technology platform, the BaSyx project enables large and small industries, research institutes, academia, and interested persons, to participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

By providing common Industrie 4.0 components and an extendable SDK the platform accelerates the development of Industrie 4.0 solutions. The Eclipse BaSyx platform addresses challenges like changeable production to enable individualized goods, exploiting big data analytics and connecting heterogenous devices and systems while minimizing downtime and other associated costs.

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Use Cases

Changeable Production To Enable Profitable Lot Size 1

Implementing changeable production, mass producing individualized goods and creating competitive advantage by reacting efficiently to changing market demands

Connecting IT and production devices on the shop-floor

Monitoring multiple devices from one location, creating dashboards that combine data sources, highlighting potential optimizations and live production data

Enabler Of Big Data Analytics

Connecting production devices on the shop-floor with data analysis on the office-floor, adapting data provided by devices

Enabler For New Business Models

New business models utilizing new data sources like Big Data or marketplaces

Predictive Maintenance

Increasing machine uptime and availability as well as optimizing maintenance downtimes