Eclipse BaSyx is an open source platform for the next generation automation. As a reference technology platform, the BaSyx project enables large and small industries, research institutes, academia, and interested persons, to participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

By providing common Industrie 4.0 components and an extendable SDK the platform accelerates the development of Industrie 4.0 solutions. The Eclipse BaSyx platform addresses challenges like changeable production to enable individualized goods, exploiting big data analytics and connecting heterogenous devices and systems while minimizing downtime and other associated costs.

To meet these challenges the BaSyx platform is designed as follows:

  • The plant level consists of high-level plant components that manage, optimize, and monitor the production.

  • The middleware level consists of re-useable Industrie 4.0 components that implement required generic and plant-independent capabilities for Industrie 4.0 production lines. Registry and Discovery services, protocol gateways, and Asset Administration Shell providers for example reside on the middleware level.

  • The device level consists of automation devices that offer a BaSyx conforming interface. Further at the device level, field devices without any compliant BaSyx interfaces are getting connected. This is done by bridging devices that have BaSyx conforming interfaces for those field devices.

  • The field level consists of automation devices, sensors, and actuators without a specific BaSyx conforming interface.

BaSyx Design

You can learn more about BaSyx in our detailed documentation provided on the Eclipse Foundation Wiki or by contacting us on basyx-dev@eclipse.org.

The Project is actively supported by the German BaSys 4.0 research project, which focuses on research and specification of key Industrie 4.0 concepts, participates in standardization activities, and integrates existing standards and technologies into an Industrie 4.0 middleware project.