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The Ajax Tools Framework (ATF) is a tool integrated with Eclipse for Web developers who use Ajax techniques. ATF provides tooling that allows a user to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript applications and a framework on which adopters can build advanced and technology specific tools. The functionality in ATF breaks down into three main areas: Browser Tooling, JavaScript Debugger and extensions for adopters

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Quick Navigation

  • Downloads. Get available ATF builds
  • ATF Wiki. Find more information and discussions in the ATF Wiki page
  • Bugzilla. Bug reports / searches, feature requests, suggestions (e.g., enhancements, new uses, etc.) for the ATF here
  • Newsgroup. Your way of communicating with the community of people developing and using the Eclipse ATF eclipse based tool. Ask questions about usage of the ATF, share ideas, issues, and insights (simple web interface also available)
  • CVS Repository. The WWW interface for the CVS Repositories. All ATF development is carried out in this repository
  • Mailing List. Get involved in the development of the ATF project. If you have questions about usage of the ATF please use the ATF Newsgroup




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