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The Visualiser

Visualiser screenshot  

The Visualiser is an extensible Eclipse plugin that can be used to visualize anything that lends itself to a 'bars and stripes' style representation. It began as the Aspect Visualiser, which was a part of AJDT. It was originally created to visualize how aspects were affecting classes in a project. It has since been extracted to become its own plug-in and given extension points in order that other types of information can be visualized.

An on-line demo showing how to use the Visualiser with AJDT is available from the AJDT demos page.

A tutorial exploring the Visualiser in detail, and describing the process of creating a new provider, using the Google provider as an illustration, is available from developerWorks: Create your own visualisations in Eclipse.

A new provider has been developed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham: Visualization of Clone Detection Results


Providers included with the Visualiser

  • A simple file-based provider that reads bar and stripe information from two files.
  • A resources and markers provider that responds to selections in the workbench and displays files as bars, with associated Eclipse markers as stripes.
  • An Eclipse JDT search results provider that displays Java classes as bars and the results of the most recent Java search as stripes.

Providers available separately

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