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[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-02-23

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.


Amy Wu

Arthur Ryman
Chris Brealey
Chuck Bridgham
David Williams
Der-Ping Chou
Gorkem Ercan
Jeffrey Liu
John Lanuti
Kate Price
Kathy Chan
Keith Chong
Kosta Komissarchik
Larry Dunnell
Lawrence Mandel
Nitin Dahyabhai
Phil Avery
Rob Frost
Ted Bashor
Tim deBoer
Tim Wagner


1. Actions Items - Arthur Ryman

Active Items

The following actions items showed some activity last week. [1] Kudos to Jeffrey for getting the adopter breakage  scans working!
127183 nor P3 jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx RESO FIXE releng --- [action] Demonstrate Code Usage and Breakage Scanning Tools
128308 nor P3 jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW releng --- [action] Document and Communicate Hot Bug Process

2 bugs found.

Open Items

The following action items are currently open [2]. Action items owners should update their status in Bugzilla prior to the status telecon. Thx.

122833 nor P2 jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW releng --- [action] Improve Test Automation
113137 nor P3 kosta@xxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW jst.j2ee 1.5 M6 [action] Create a tutorial document for facets
114446 nor P3 cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW jst.j2ee 1.5 M5 [action] Open API requests for non-API usages in WTP
127179 nor P3 david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW website --- [action] Add Guidelines on Writing SCM-Friendly Code Gene...
128308 nor P3 jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW releng --- [action] Document and Communicate Hot Bug Process

5 bugs found.

Ted - While we're on the topic of API, we'd like to see an update of the plans for the Flexible Project support. Can Chuck do that?

Chuck - Yes.

[action] Chuck to update the Flexible Project support plan for WTP 1.5 and beyond.[3]




2. WTP 1.0.1 Status - Jeffrey Liu

Any stop-ship problems reported? Are we good to release WTP 1.0.1 tomorrow?

Jeffrey - All outstanding problems have been deferred to WTP 1.0.2.

Arthur - David, please promote the release candidate tomorrow.

David -OK. I need some more testing of the Update Manager site. We need testing outside of the IBM network which may be affecting the way content is mirrored. Can BEA do some testing?

TimW - Yes, but we need a few days.

3. WTP 1.5 Status

3.1) WTP 1.5 Build Status - David Williams

David - We have a candidate I-Build. We'll need to move up to the Eclipse M5a build. We also need to move up to the current versions of the other prereqs prior to release of our M5.

Arthur - Please post the schedule for moving up.

3.2) WTP 1.5 Bugzilla Status [1] - Jeffrey Liu

Lets review (follow links on [1]):

  • Unresolved P1/P2 (Excluding Hot Bugs)
  • Unresolved Blocker/Critical (Exclduing Hot Bugs)
  • Unresolved Hot Bugs

Jeffrey reviewed the bugs. All developers need to review their P1/P2, Blocker/Critical, and Hot Bugs for WTP 1.5.


3.3) WTP Adopter Usage/Breakage Scans [1] - Jeffrey Liu
  • Which adopters have posted usage scans?
  • Are we avoiding breakage?
  • How are the tools working?
Jeffrey - We currently have three usage scans in CVS. All developers should check out these scans and verify their changes using the breakage scanner. I'll be adding the breeakage scanner to our builds next.


4. Update Manager Site Status - David Williams

David - Use comments above We need testing from home, outside IBM, etc.

5. WTP 1.0.2 Status - Tim Wagner

Please review the schedule. [1]

The PMC clarified the endgame policy w.r.t. adopter hot list additions for the 1.0.2 release today:

today – March 24th: adopters are welcome to submit *ship blocking* issues for consideration on the 1.0.2 adopter hot list

March 25 – April 14th: only stop-ship *regressions* (versus 1.0 or 1.0.1) can be added to the hot list; 4/14 is code freeze

April 15 – April 20th: mandatory one week cool down

April 21st: planned 1.0.2 release date (assuming no regressions discovered during cool down)

Jeffrey - What about PII changes?

Arthur - Those are like UI changes and should be avoided.


6. Other Business - Open

Hot Bug Process

Arthur - Let's continue the discussion.

David - We should make better use of bugzilla and move the discussion of Hot Bugs off the wtp-dev list.

Kosta - We are not using severity in conformance with the bugzilla definitions. WTP works closely with adopters so we could alter the definition of severity to allow it to indicate adopter problems. So if we allow altered meanings of severity we could eliminate the independent Hot Bug List.

Arthur - I wanted an independent list to guard against  adopter requests being lost. Anyone can change a severity, priority, or alter the summary.

TimD - We should keep the info in bugzilla can treat that as authoritative.

TimW - Are there resticted fields in bugzilla that we could use to capture Hot Bug info in a durable way?

Arthur - I'm not aware of any. Only the comments are write-once. Perhaps we could do some type of query on the comments and the id of the commenter.

Ted - The weekly Hot Bug reviews are very useful. Adopters should maintain their own lists to prevent requests from being lost. We shouldn't worry about malicious removal

Kosta - How about using bugzilla, adding a comment and a justification, and add nominated monitor, i.e. Jeffrey, to the cc list?

Arthur - We are agreed that we should make bugzilla the authoritative source of the Hot Bugs. We are timing out now so let's let Jeffrey propose a solution on the wtp-dev list.

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

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