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[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-02-02

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.


Amy Wu
Chris Brealey

Chuck Bridgham

Craig Salter

David Williams
Jeffrey Liu

John Lanuti

Kate Price

Kathy Chan
Larry Dunnell

Lawrence Mandel
Nitin Dahyabhai

Phil Avery
Rob Frost

Sachin Patel
Ted Bashor

Tim Wagner


1. Actions Items - Arthur Ryman

Action items owners should update their status in Bugzilla prior to the status telecon. Thx.

Active Items

The following actions items showed some activity last week. [1] Thx!

114914 nor P3 PC syeshin@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS FIXE [action] Post some examples of what not to do for context...
115133 nor P3 PC david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS FIXE [action] Discuss WTP migration with the PMC
115149 nor P3 PC jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx CLOS FIXE [action] We need to start doing scalability testings
122833 nor P3 PC jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Improve Test Automation
124568 nor P3 PC ryman@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI [action] WTP 1.5 Milestone Plans are not Consistent

5 bugs found.

Open Items

The following action items are currently open [2]

113137 nor P3 PC kosta@xxxxxxx NEW [action] Create a tutorial document for facets
114446 nor P3 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Open API requests for non-API usages in WTP
122187 nor P3 PC naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Generate reports of fixed bugs from CVS commit c...
122833 nor P3 PC jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Improve Test Automation
123697 nor P3 PC kosta@xxxxxxx NEW [action] Create a written smoke test for Facets.
123703 nor P3 PC jkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Start Requirements Meetings for WTP 1.5
124568 nor P3 PC ryman@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI [action] WTP 1.5 Milestone Plans are not Consistent

7 bugs found.

Konstantin - Sent regrets, no progress on 113137

Chuck - No progress on 114446

Jeff - Will follow up with Naci on 122187

Jeff - No progress on 122833

Konstantin - Sent regrets, no progress on 123697

Tim W. - Requirements and planning calls are setup. We can consider 123703 done.

124568 - No progress



2. WTP 1.0.1 Status
- Eclipse 3.1.2 is released. We need start shutting down. Only stop-ship bugs will be approved during shutdown. Hot bugs should be fixed asap.

David - Build on Monday will be our RC1. Smoke test that on Tuesday and declare on Wed. We expect teams to have test plans and spend the day testing and no development.

David - Only stop ship bugs will be considered after that. If there are no stop ship problems, then we'll rename the build to GA

Jeff - Does the Monday deadline apply for hot bugs?

David - Yes. If we cannot fix a hot bug, we should defer it? The question then becomes, do we need a 1.0.2 to address the deferred hot bugs? We can discuss it later on.

2.1) WTP 1.0.1 Build Status - David Williams

David - Source may not be found correctly when using the SDK build. I will look into the problem.

David - Trying to declare a I build this week. A build is finishing up now and will be ready for smoke testing.

2.2) WTP 1.0.1 Hot Bug Status [1] - Jeffrey Liu

115327 cri P2 PC tbashor@xxxxxxx NEW Facet/runtime changes don't cascade to child projects
117265 nor P2 PC lmandel@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI WSDL validation slow when validating large workspace
117529 maj P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Debug Last Launched command doesn't work on basic Web App
119699 maj P2 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Errors attempting to alter source-path for existing wb-re...
119742 maj P2 PC wst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW runtime target not set on client jar project when ear is ...
120707 blo P2 Mac deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Downloadable server adapter requires restart
124292 maj P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Issues with IModules returned from ServerUtil.getModule(I...
124728 cri P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW WTP 1.0.1 publishing testcase problems
125020 cri P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Editing the runtime name does update in the server editor
125531 cri P2 Mac deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Cannot restart generic servers in debug mode

10 bugs found.

Ted - 115327 needs Tim to verify the fix. I think we can put it off the hot list, we can always put it back if Tim feels differently.

Lawrence - 117265, Jeff to get perf results for this fix. If results show improvement, we can resolve the bug.

Ted - 117529, we can take this one off the hot list. We were just looking for a minimal fix like a better error/warning message to guide the user. Tim's last response suggests that this approach may be a good idea, he suggests we defer it to 1.5. Since it doesn't sound like a stop ship issue, we should remove it from the hot list.

Chuck - 119699, haven't got a chance to look at it yet...

Rob - I have a functional workaround for this bug. Since it's no longer blocking, we can take it off the hot list.

Jeff - 119742, Tim is out of office. I'll follow up with him.

Jeff - 120707, Sachin, would u consider this a stop ship?

Sachin - yes.

David - Is Eclipse really that dynamic? We need to understand if this is a bug in our code or in the Eclipse code.

Ted - Can we use a workaround such as poping up a dialog and asking for restart?

David - Either way, let's get the first patch committed, and Sachin, please continue to investigate this bug and try to understand what is wrong.

Jeff - 124220, follow up with Tim.

Jeff - 124292, I talked to Elson Yuen about this bug. It looks like a corner case scenario.

Rob - If it's a concern case, then we can take it off the hot list.

Jeff - 124728, follow up with Tim.

Jeff - 125020, follow up with Tim.

Sachin - 125531, patch available. Need Tim to review it.

David - 126115, I'm worried about late changes in threading behavior. The fix is not trivial, so there's risky involved. Also, this bug seems to be reproducable only from automated test. So, it doesn't sound as serious.

Ted - Agreed. I don't think we understand it enough to say what the fix should be. Please continue to investigate.

David - If it's not stop ship, then we should get it off the hot list.

Tim - Please continue the investigation, we can run internal test if David can provide patches.

Sachin - I have two patches that are still waiting to be reviewed and applied...


My most critical defect, the one blocking my release, the one I've been looking into and pulling my hair out over the last two days is 120707, but it seems to have been missed being added to the "adopter" list.  Tim D. I think is out of town this week so a heads up that he won't be able to look at it until his return.  So if in the meantime someone wants to help tackle it, I've updated the bugzilla about 50 times with my findings :).  That bugzilla also has a critical patch that needs to be applied, but does not resolve the overall issue.

Sachin - 125723, patch available. Please review and apply.

Sachin - 125531, we reviewed this bug already.

2.3) WTP 1.0.1 WST Bug Triage [2] - Arthur Ryman

2.4) WTP 1.0.1 JST Bug Triage [3] - Naci Dai




2.5) WTP Adopter tool and Non-API Code Deprecation - Jeffrey Liu

Jeff - Since WTP does not have APIs defined for all its functions, a lot of the WTP adopters are using non-APIs in their products. The goal of the non-API code deprecation policy is to minimize the impact to our adopters when we change non-APIs.

Jeff - We have a tool that can scan an adopter's product and generate a WTP code usage report. This report does not expose any product information. For more information on how to use this tool, go to the link above. Adopters can voluntarily participate in this effort. If you choose to participate, then you can open a bug and attach your usage report to the bug. I'll post more information about the process later on.

Jeff - The idea is that as part of every WTP build, we'll scan our code and check if we have broken any API or non-API that our adopters are using. If so, either we back out the change or we communicate this change to the adopters before the build can be declared.

Jeff - Right now, the scanner that checks for broken APIs/non-APIs can only be run from the command line. I'm trying to improve it so that it can be run from within the Eclipse workbench, so that, developers will know if they have broken any APIs/non-APIs before they check in their code.

David - Also, we should use the usage report to understand if our adopters are using some code that they shouldn't be using. If so, we should communicate with the adopters and help them do the right thing.

3. WTP 1.5 Status

3.1) WTP 1.5 Build Status - David Williams

David - Build failed. Timed out during the unit test phase. Planning to rerun the test and if they pass, then we can just declare it.

David - We made some progress in cleaning up warnings, but we still have work to do. Please continue to clean up warnings.

3.2) WTP 1.5 Hot Bug Status [1] - Jeffrey Liu

95903 enh P2 PC kchong@xxxxxxxxxx NEW XML Catalog extension points should support locations wit...
107311 maj P2 PC david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx NEW IStructuredModel#save(IFile) for SaveAs causes a ghost file
108392 maj P2 PC kosta@xxxxxxx NEW WTP wizards sometimes fail to start
111545 nor P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Seperation of Server and Runtime is causing problems
115892 maj P2 PC kosta@xxxxxxx NEW Need Auto-selection of facet dependencies
118251 nor P2 PC nitind@xxxxxxxxxx NEW update problem with TaglibIndex when adding new jar
118493 enh P2 PC nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx NEW global validation preferences should be valid for all pro...
121153 nor P2 PC jlanuti@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Unlinked ejb references are incorrectly filtered.
121583 min P2 PC gercan@xxxxxxx NEW Inconvenient error message when creating new server
123596 nor P2 PC wst-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Exception while adding server. WebLogic.
123600 nor P2 PC wst-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Exception While Canceling Building.
123941 nor P2 PC nitind@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Content assist and some formater actions can be Undone on...

12 bugs found.

Jeff - We'll skip the WTP 1.5 hot bugs.

4. Other Business - Open

Jeff - Chris, are you concern about getting the activation fix in by Monday?

Chris - We think we have a fix, however, we are not sure if this fix will cause legal problem. We'll check with the Eclipse legal team. If we can't get a fix it in a day or two, then we'll go with a tactical fix.

David - Nitin has a taglib related bug that is blocking (125960). Nitin is investigating.

Jeffrey Liu
IBM Rational Software - Performance Analyst
IBM Toronto Lab.
8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
Internal mail: D3/R8V/8200/MKM (D3-268)
T/L: 969 3531
Tel: (905) 413 3531
Fax: (905) 413 4920

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