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[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Status Telecon, 2005-11-13

Arthur Ryman
Chuck Bridgham
Craig Salter
David Williams
Gerry Kessler
Janet Mockler
Jeffrey Liu
Kathy Chan
Keith Chong
Larry Dunnell
Lawrence Mandel
Naci Dai
Nitin Dahyabhai
Phil Avery
Raghu Srinivasan
Ted Bashor
Tim deBoer
Tim Wagner

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.



1. Review of Open Action Items [1] - Arthur Ryman

113137 nor P3 PC naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW jst.j2ee [action] Create a tutorial document for facets
114446 nor P3 PC cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW jst.j2ee [action] Open API requests for non-API usages in WTP
115141 nor P3 PC jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW releng [action] The API Scanner should be able to run from withi...
115149 nor P3 PC jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW releng [action] We need to start doing scalability testings

4 bugs found.

All action items were reviewed and status recorded in Bugzilla. All actions are now targetted to 1.0 M10.


2. WTP 1.0 M9 Readiness - Arthur Ryman

We'll review the unresolved bugs. In the absence of show-stoppers, we'll declare M9.

As of the meeting time, there were no blocking, critical or P1 bugs targetted to M9. All remaining bugs that were targetted to M9 were reviewed and retargetted to M10. All unresolved critical and blocking bugs were reviewed and either reclassified or targetted to M10.

There were no objections to declaring M9.
Naci promoted the candidate build to the download page.
Lawrence will announce M9 on the newsgroup and write a news article for the Web site.


3. WTP 1.0 M10 Adopter Priorities - Tim Wagner/Jeffrey Liu

There are 1500+ bugs currently unresolved. We are not going to fix all of these for WTP 1.0, so we need to focus on the most important ones now. Vendor adoption is a main goal of WTP 1.0 so we need to prioritize the bugs that are the most important to adopters. Tim will present the BEA requirements. Jeffrey will present the IBM requirements. Other adopters are invited to provide their requirements.

See [1] for the bugs identified by adopters. All bugs were reviewed and prioritized. See bugzilla for additional comments.

All components leads should review the unresolved bugs for their components, and assign them accurate severities, priorities, and targets.


4. Other Business - Open

API Scans - Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey - Refer to the API Progress Report for M9. [1] We have a lot of work to do. The overall completeness score is just 63%. I am fixing a problem in the JUnit test coverage and we should get more accurate results. I'd also like to point out that we have some dependencies on non-API types in our API. [2] These must be corrected asap.

TimD - There are some false positives.

[action] TimD and Jeffrey to resolve false positives.
Assigned bug:

Arthur - All the overview document links are missing.

Jeffrey - What is the convention for the location of the overview documents?

Arthur - In WTP 0.7, I believe they were on the Web site in the component's directory and named overview.html.

Lawrence - They are in the ISV documentation now.

Arthur - We need a predictable URL for them so they can be linked from component.xml.

Lawrence - They will be in the Eclipse Infocentre. At present, they are in CVS.

Arthur - In general the Webmaster discourages serving content from CVS, but we could do this for now.

[action] Jeffrey to get the overview documents linked and accounted for in the API Progress Report.
Assigned bug:

Naci - There are also a lot of plug-ins that don't belong to any component. These should be cleaned up.

Jeffrey - Most of them are for source code or documentation. The scanner should filter these.

Meeting timed out. Post other business to wtp-dev.

Happy Thanksgiving to all US team members!



Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

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