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[wtp-dev] Minutes for the WTP Status Telecon, 2005-10-20


Larry Isaacs, Amy Wu, Peter Moogk, Chuck Bridgham, Keith Chong, David Williams, Jeffrey Liu, John Lanuti, Larry Dunnell, Nitin Dahyabhai, Phil Avery, Sheila Sholars, Tim Wagner, Ted Bashor, Thomas Yip, Konstantin Komissarchik, Jill Maclem, Susan Yeshin, Kathy Chan


Arthur Ryman, Lawrence Mandel, Chris Brealey, Craig Salter

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.


Time: 9:00 PM EEST (Istanbul), 2:00 PM EDT (Toronto/Raleigh), 11:00 AM PDT (Seattle)

Toronto Dial-in number: +1-416-343-2604
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1-866-576-2504
Intl Dial-in number: 800-4444-3030
Information: +1-866-224-5844

Conference id: 9976929


1. Review of Open Action Items [1] - Arthur Ryman

110309 enh P3 jst.jsp-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW --- [action] Add WTP 1.0 JST Component API Plan Items to Master Bug 110276
110308 enh P3 david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW --- [action] Add WTP 1.0 WST Component API Plan Items to Master Bug 110275
113134 nor P3 wst.server-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW --- [action] Assign target milestone to critical/blocking bugs
113137 nor P3 tbashor@xxxxxxx jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx NEW --- [action] Create a proposal for the set of facets that we'll need for J2EE projects
111141 nor P3 jeffliu@xxxxxxxxxx ryman@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI --- [action] Indicate JUnit Test Name with Performance Results


David - Bug 110309 and 110308. Please send a note to me about where to find the master bug, target for next week.

Jeff - OK

David - Bug 113134. Can we just assign all of them to M9

Peter - I know some of those bugs cannot be fixed in M9, in fact, some of them may not be fixed in 1.0. For example, bugs in generic WebSphere server. Since setting a milestone target means we are committed to fixing it, we do not want to prematurely commit to it.

David - Bugs that we are not going to fix in 1.0 should be change to P4, and add a comment to the bug justifying why we are not fixing it.

Jeff - Do you have a bug opened against the generic WebSphere server?

Peter - Not yet.

[action] Peter to open a bug against the issue Web service has against generic WebSphere server.

Chuck and Ted - Bug 113137. Made progress. We are working on it. We will iterate on what we have and create something like a javadoc.

Chuck and Ted - We are trying to work with Tim D. on server related issues. However, wasn't able to get in touch with him.

Peter - In regards to facets, we are one week behind schedule already. I'm worry that if we don't get responses back from Server tools, we'll be even more behind.

Jeff - Bug 111141. No update. Continue to work on it.

2. WTP 1.0 M9 Status - David Williams

Review bug backlog, builds, and plans.

David - Some changes were just released and a build is going right now. People should pick up this afternoon's build and smoke test it.

David - No more bug fixes unless note to David or to mailing list.

Discuss how to have more "on-time" builds.

David - The issue is we are not on time with the I-builds. I-builds were not tested until Friday, and in return, we cannot declare an I-build until very late in the day. Any suggestions on how to be on time?

Jeff - Disable continuous build after the Thursday deadline?

David - Not convenient if we do need to drop blocking fixes.

Ted - No check in on Thursday except smoke test fixes.

Chuck - Push forward the deadline for checking in fixes.

Here's the new process for declaring I-builds:

Thursday 2 AM (Eastern):
        All code for weekly I-build release by Thursday 2 AM
Thursday 5 AM (Eastern):
        Weekly I-build candidate ready
        Teams should "smoke test" the I-build on "committers" area, be
        Thursday 7 PM, at latest.
        Blocking bugs found can be released, but should have clear
        bugzilla, with post to wtp-releng "requesting respin"
        (even though, for now, we'll leave it automatic, please
        consider it a request).
Thursday 7 PM (Eastern).
        Note to wtp-releng confirming tested and "ok" or "not ok".
        (the later requiring a bug, and "plan" to get ready for re-spin).
Friday noon
        Any teams releasing code for blocking bugs, must have verified
        all ok by Friday noon, and send confirmation to wtp-releng.
        Weekly I-Build announced and promoted to "downloads" area.


Discuss disconnected testing.

David - As part of our weekly I-build testing, we'll have two teams test in disconnected mode. We'll rotate around. David will include the teams to be testing in the disconnect mode when he sends out the note asking for "go" or "no go".

3. WTP 1.0 Performance - Jeffrey Liu

Review the Top Ten performance problems and the fix plan for them.

Jeff - Opened bugs for single jarring.

Jeff - A couple of performance problems came in last week, I'll create testcases for those.

4. WTP 1.0 API Scans - Jeffrey Liu

Review the status of the API scans including our Javadoc and JUnit coverage, errors in the API, and violations of the Eclipse Platform API.

Jeff - Opened bugs for API violations. One for each component.

Jeff - Component leads, please review the reports. For each violation, either fix it or open a "request for API" bug against the prereq.

5. WTP Features and Subsystems Status [1] - David Williams


David - Committed the WST fixes. Testing with HEAD builds.

David - Found some cases where dependencies weren't quite right. Need to discuss the details with owner of those components

David - Target to complete WST next week.

David - Notice Jeffrey has some fixes to the features (single jar)..... Does your fix need to be released?

Jeff - My fix can wait.

6. Flexible Project Development Status - Chuck Bridgham

Chuck - This week, we just dropped a bunch of changes. We removed some component APIs (virtual component).

Chuck - Some functions may not be working in this week's I-build

Chuck - J2EE, EJB, Web project are working. Integrated into existing wizard. You can create project using the wizard.

Chuck - App client and some others not working. They are targetted for next week.

Chuck - When you create projects, they will not be targetted to a server. The workaround is to set a Java container/server runtime manually.

[action] Konstantin and Chuck will send out a note regarding the workaround.

Kathy - Web service will not work in this I-build. Web service JUnit testcase will fail. We have not ported over to the new APIs yet. It will be next week before we have a functional driver.

7. Project Facets Development Status -Konstantin Komissarchik

Konstantin - Chuck covered most of it. Didn't hear much from Tim D. about the Tomcat bridge.

Kathy - We are a week behind. We need information from Tim D. on his API changes.

8. Other Business - Open

Susan - How come docs are not in the build? I've released my changes to the place where I should be releasing them to.

David - Doc build was removed from the "normal" build.

Susan - Reason why we like to see the new docs is because writers would like to set a date for components to review their docs.

[action] Susan, David, Lawrence to create a plan for docs.

Ted - Want to bring up a couple of critical bugs.

Ted - Bug 92426. Delete or rename WTP project, some of the metadata as well as deployment descriptor aren't updated. We'll help out in resolving that.

Ted - There are really two bugs in 92426, itt is the API portion of the bug that is critical. We'll open a new bug for that.

Ted - Another critical bug..... is export of modules working. Assembly of a module has moved from the build process to the publish process. We need to open a bug to track that.

Chuck - Pretty sure it's not working yet.


Jeffrey Liu
IBM Rational Software - Performance Analyst
IBM Toronto Lab.
8200 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L6G 1C7
Internal mail: D3/R8V/8200/MKM (D3-268)
T/L: 969 3531
Tel: (905) 413 3531
Fax: (905) 413 4920

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