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[wtp-dev] Corrected Minutes of WTP Status Telecon, 2005-07-07


Ted Bashor, Paul Meijer, Ted Carroll, Jill Maclem, Kosta Komissarchik, Rob Frost, Lawrence Mandel, Arthur Ryman, Tim deBoer, Jeffrey Liu, Peter Moogk, Keith Chong, Craig Salter, Larry Dunnell, Sheila Sholars, David Williams, Phil Avery, Amy Wu, Nitin Dahyabhai, Vijay Bhadriraju, John Lanuti

Time: 9:00 PM EEST (Istanbul), 2:00 PM EDT (Toronto/Raleigh), 11:00 AM PDT (Seattle)

Toronto Dial-in number: +1-416-343-2604
Toll-free Dial-in number: +1-866-576-2504
Intl Dial-in number: 800-4444-3030
Information: +1-866-224-5844

Conference id: 9976929


1. Approval of Minutes - Arthur Ryman

Are there any corrections to last week's minutes? [1]

Arthur - Accepted with no corrections.


2. Review of Open Action Items - Arthur Ryman

Refer to Bugzilla [1].

Arthur - We reviewed the 3 open items and updated Bugzilla.


3. Bug Status - Jeffrey Liu

1. Review of P1/P2 bugs (Btw, is the PMC using priority, not severity?)

2. Review of deferred serious bugs (I think some of them needs to be targeted to 0.7)

3. If time permits
        resolved bugs backlog
        inbox bugs backlog

Jeffrey has posted a Web page that contains the Bugzilla queries we need to review the status. [1]

Jeffrey - We reviewed P1 and P2 bugs and updated Bugzilla with status comments.

Arthur - How big is the unverified backlog?

Jeffrey - Around 600, half from developers on WTP.

David - We should at least verify the serious problems.

[ACTION] All WTP developers will verify old serious fixes first. Let's reduce the backlog to 400 by next week. WTP must lead by example.


4. Builds - Ted Bashor

See [1].

Ted - I recommend continuous Map builds to monitor quality of released code. Breakages must be resolved immediately. Also continous HEAD builds are useful for testing. Manual testing just for I-Builds.

Tim - I agree. This will help adopters like me.

David - I agree accept for HEAD builds. I think developers should resolve problems locally.

Ted - I'll look into getting another machine and also volunteer to assist with the Map builds.

David - Ted could set up the continuous HEAD builds on the extra machine. We need someone to monitor the Map builds and coordinate problem resolutions.

[ACTION] Set up continuous Map builds. I am asking Jeffrey to coordinate this.


5. Inbox Triage - Tim Deboer

Tim - I withdraw my suggestion based on clarifications sent to the mailing list.

Arthur - You can use the the Bugzilla helpwanted keyword to advertise for help. Bugzilla has a finite list of allowed keywords, including helpwanted.

6. Flexible Project Preference - Arthur Ryman

Arthur - We timed out here. However, subsequent discussion leads to the conclusion that we should maintain the status quo for WTP 0.7 and defer any change to WTP 1.0 M8.

7. Other Issues - All

Added after the meeting:

Arthur - Congratulations to everyone on our smooth Release Review!

David - Thx to everyone for delivering M5!

Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
fax: +1-905-413-4920, TL 969-4920
mobile: +1-416-939-5063, text: 4169395063@xxxxxxx

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