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Re: [ve-dev] New patch for the Europa 33 port

Hi Philippe,

I'll pull the patches into my source this weekend, verify a good build, and check them in to CVS HEAD. I've made progress on the releng project, so if it all comes together as planned, I should be able to start running regular builds for the Windows platform. After that, I plan to commission a Linux machine to run and test builds, but I could use a volunteer to run the Mac builds since I don't have a machine to devote to that at this time.


ve-dev-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 19:19:38 -0700
From: "Philippe Ombredanne" <pombredanne@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [ve-dev] New patch for the Europa 33 port
To: "'Discussions people developing code for the Visual Editor
	project'"	<ve-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Message-ID: <059501c7f5ac$96015c00$0dfbfdc0@computer>
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I made a patch attached to this bugzilla for your review:

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