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[tracecompass-dev] Search capabilities in Time Graph views


I have done an investigation on how to support searching in the Time Graph views (e.g. the Control Flow view or Resources view). Right now, there are no means available for that. Only filtering is possible.

I think it would be useful to allow the user to find certain entries in these views. In case of the Control Flow view, users would be able to search for a process name, thread ID etc.

I suggest to add a command to open a search dialog. This command can be provided as view menu item, button and short-cut. The button in the toolbar could be omitted because the toolbar seems to get crowded. For the key short-cut, I would propose CTRL+F, which is the standard Eclipse short-cut for find.

For the dialog I have looked at 2 alternatives:

Alternative 1) will open a dialog similar to the standard Eclipse Find/Replace dialog. It will have a text field that where the user can enter the search string. This can be realized by a combo box to be able save several previous searches. The options to search forward, backwards as well as options to search whole words, case-sensitive and regular expressions can be provided. The latter three will be enabled by checkboxes. In case of a tree with columns (Time Graph Combo, e.g. Control Flow view), the search operation will search through all the columns for each row in the view. (see With this alternative is should be also straight forward to add support for find next/previous using a short-cut (e.g. CTRL+K).

Alternative 2) will be a similar to the filter dialog that is currently available. The dialog will have a text box for entering the search string. Also it will show the Time Graph entries as a tree. When entering a string the tree will filter out non matching items. This will help users to narrow down the exact item that user is searching for. (See

I personally tend to alternative 1) since it seems more natural for a find feature.



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