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[tcf-dev] WebSocket support in TCF


I would like to add support for WebSocket channel in TCF agent; I already have a prototype working and I should be able to commit soon my changes in org.eclipse.tcf.agent GIT repository. Before I commit any change; I would like to get agreement on what I am planning to do:
  • WebSocket support will be implemented using libwebsockets library ( The libwebsockets license allows static linking without LGPL license propagation. Anyway, I would not use static linking but instead use dynamic linking and the libwebsockets library will have to be built outside TCF agent GIT repo (similar to what is done with Lua). Do you foresee any issue?
  • I plan to support only cmake build for WebSocket support (this can be extended in the future).
  • Configuring/Building TCF agent with libwebsockets support will require some dedicated documentation. I plan to put this in org.eclipse.tcf.git GIT repo and then update the "Getting Started" guide to reflect this.
  • I don't plan to add a Java WebSocket client for now; maybe in the future...
Any comment/suggestion is welcome.

Didier Brachet, Principal Technologist, Wind River
direct (33) 297.427.286 fax (33) 297.424.550

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