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[rap-dev] Proposal: "Remote Application Platform"

Hi everyone,

When the RAP project started 6 years ago, its main objective was to
provide a framework to make RCP applications available on the web. The
resemblance of the name "Rich Ajax Platform" to "Rich Client
Platform", was welcome back then as RAP was meant to complement RCP.
But over time, our focus has moved to more lightweight applications
and alternative clients like tablets and phones. Today this name does
not describe our project very well anymore. The term "rich" does not
reveal much information in itself and "Ajax" does not fit well for the
native clients, even though they still use HTTP. Ajax is more a
buzzword than a concise term anyway and as a buzzword, I think Ajax
has lost its appeal.

I recently found myself explaining RAP more often as a platform for
"remote applications" and I think this describes the idea very well.
It's essentially a platform for applications that run on a remote
server. With the new protocol and the alternative clients, this aspect
seems to become the central part of RAP.

Therefore I'd like to propose to relabel RAP to "Remote Application
Platform". This name would let us keep our short name, our namespace,
our website, etc. It wouldn't be a very noticable change, but we'd get
rid of the misleading name and highlight our technical approach
better. The 2.0 release in February 2013 may be a good occasion for
this renaming.

What do you think?


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