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[platform-releng-dev] Updated calendar for Neon M3

Our M3 is due 10/30, so it is not this Sunday (10/18), but the following Sunday (10/25) that we begin stabilization week -- but getting close!

I've updated our Google calendar on our build schedule page [1] to reflect that, plus assumed that the "All day, all teams" test day is Tuesday (10/27) of that
week. Is that a holiday in India? If so, perhaps the timezone differences are such that you can adjust (I assume to your Wednesday?)

Also, while I think unlikely, if anyone is using the "XML Feed" from the Google calendar,  Google has announced they are discontinuing that service as of November 18th, so you may want to adapt to another method. They discuss this topic in one of their "service pages" [2], if anyone is interested. I have removed the "XML" link to that service from our build schedule page (bug 479776) [3].





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