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RE: [platform-core-dev] Flexible Resource Model -Requirements

Wow, just going through my backlog now. Sorry about that.

Thanks Serge, I'll make sure these get put up on the wiki. I may have
questions later.


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Hi everyone,

To start this discussion, I would first describe the requirements that
our user have towards the Flexible Resource Model:

- To be able to easily specify a project file structure that has an
arbitrary hierarchy independent of the real files and directories on the
file system.
- To be able to use the flexible file structure transparently for all
Eclipse feature set (CDT Managed builds, Team support, debugging,
etc...) as well as for normal project file structures.
- To be able to put Eclipse projects having a flexible file structure in
a source control repository, and be retrieved on a different computer in
a different workspace and having to make the minimal amount of change to
be able to fully use the project in Eclipse (i.e. Not relying on
absolute path specifiers).
- To be able to easily build the flexible project file structure both
with drag and drop and explicitly adding files to the project through a
file/folder selection dialog.
- To have a feature set rich enough to be able to write a plugin to
import C/C++ Visual Studio projects in Eclipse and be able to build and
use as a normal Eclipse project.
- To scale in performance with projects containing several thousands of
files and folders structured in a flexible hierarchy.
- To be able to easily change the project hierarchy structure once
created, to be able to change where one project resource points to a
local file, and easily correct errors in the local resolution of the
flexible project structure.
- To be as backward and forward compatible as possible with the existing
Eclipse IDE architecture.


Serge Beauchamp.
Software Engineer
Freescale Semiconductor

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