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[phoenix-dev] Eclipse Marketplace now in Beta

Good Morning Phoenix Devs.


I'm pleased to present you with a beta version of Eclipse Marketplace, which will be a direct replacement to EclipsePluginCentral.  You can find the Marketplace at :


A few things to be aware of:


 - Supports Firefox only right now, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera etc, may have some quirks in the layout.  _PLEASE_ attach screenshots of the pages on those browsers, along with the browser version

 - Advanced Search isn't fully implemented

 - This site uses a fair amount of _javascript_, so if you have that turned off you’ll notice some things not working.

 - Any new content added to the site (Favorites / Comments / New plugin listings, etc) will be wiped when the site goes live.

 - There are some layout issues with listings that have large width images, this is a known problem and will only be resolved when those plugins are updated.


We're looking for any feedback you have on the site of any nature. 


I’ve opened a bug up for feedback here: Bug 290907


Nathan Gervais - nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx

Web Developer 

The Eclipse Foundation




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