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[orion-dev] Editor changes - removing the IFRAME

I have merged the changes to remove the IFRAME that hosts the editor into master.

Unfortunately, some APIs in TextView had to be removed since they only made sense because of the IFRAME.  Hopefully I have updated all the places that made use of them in Orion. Please let me know if I missed any.  Sorry about other users of the editor. Let me know if you need help updating.

These are the APIs removed:

1) "stylesheet"  option
2) "sync"  option
3) onLoad and onUnload listeners/events

These are the APIs added:

1) resize()

        While hosted in the IFRAME, the text view was able to detect that its location/size had changed by hooking the onresize event of the frame.  Now, it is only possible to detected that the browser window has been resized and the text view needs to be told about changes in the page layout so that it can relayout its internals accordingly.   A page that makes use of dojo widgets can achieve this as follows:

                var dojoWidget = dojo widget that contains the text view;
                var textView = ...'
                dojo.connect(dojoWidget, "resize", function (e){

2) update(styleChanged)

        Similar to the resize() API, but used to notify the text view that style sheets in the page have changed.  This is used by the _javascript_ Settings page for example.

There is also a change in the selection behaviour:   the text view will not show the selection while it is not in focus.   This behaviour was inconsistent on all the browsers before (IE/Opera would not show the selection, others would).  This change affects the find/replace feature because it relies on being able to highlight the search string in the text view while the focus is in the search input field.   Find/Replace actually worked around the problem on IE by moving focus to the editor after the first match, each made find/replace inconsistent (not able to hit Enter twice).  I changed find/replace to highlight the search match using the annotation model.  I believe this is a better user experience and opens the door to highlight all matches and to show the annotations in the rulers for example.

Another change in behaviour is that the browser built in spellcheck needs to be disabled for the whole page otherwise the _javascript_ editor would show squiggles all over the place.

In all, I believe the benefits of not having the IFRAME are greater than these limitations: the editor does not have to be treated specially in terms of key bindings, mouse events, style sheets, etc.


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