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[jgit-dev] Status of CLI?

Dear all,

I've recently started a contract in a large corporate who use Windows 7 64bit desktop environments for development, with all admin rights locked down. This means that I suffer from extremely bad performance using the Windows git binaries:

I'm interested in the possibility of using the jGit CLI to be a like-for-like replacement for git for the commands that I commonly use.

I typically interact with git using magit, which I understand uses the "porcelain" interface (I don't even know what that is), and my typical workflow involves:

- git status

- git checkout / branch

- git pull (with rebase)

- git push (with force)

- git rebase -i

and the auto-squash feature.

How far from this goal is jGit?

I may prioritise helping over the coming months and assist. I'd also be willing to fund some efforts on this if its a case of "it'll take you a week, but it'll take me a year".

BTW, is there an alternative way to communicate on this project? Ideally I'd prefer to use the github issue tracker with a corresponding gitter room. Email is just a bit too oldschool for me.

Best regards,


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