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[jetty-dev] Jetty 7.0.0 release


We are really please to announce the release of jetty 7.0.0 from eclipse
and jetty hightide 7.0.0 from codehaus.

Jetty 7 is an evolution of jetty-6, that contains a significant
reorganization of the packaging and jars, as well as many fundamental
improvements in the underlying infrastructure of jetty.

Key highlights of Jetty-7 include:

   + Servlet 2.5 container, with underlying access to servlet 3.0
     features such as fragments.
   + Full Java 1.5 support.
   + Improved Continuations to support jetty-6, jetty-7 and servlet-3.0 async
   + JASPI for pluggable standard authentication modules
   + Improved OSGi integration
   + Ongoing optimizations and performance improvements
   + Modular start.jar mechanism

The jetty-distribution is available via
under the terms of the apache 2.0 or eclipse 1.0 licenses.  It is
covered by the terms of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement.
The distribution contains the core functionality of HTTP server, servlet
container and HTTP client.

The jetty-hightide is an alternate distribution of jetty
available via     Hightide is
to jetty as ubuntu is to linux.   It is fully open source
and contains additional modules and integrations:
 + JSP from glassfish
 + JTA from atomikos
 + maven plugin
 + ant integration
 + setuid
 + spring configuration

Both distributions are available via maven as artefacts
or complete bundles

Jetty 6 will continue to be maintained for some time, but
all new features will now be developed on Jetty-7.
Jetty-8 will be in prelease in the next few months and
will support servlet 3.0

Thanks to all that have contributed code, testing, bug
reports, ideas or otherwise.



jetty-7.0.0.v20091005 5 October 2009
291340 Race condition in onException() notifications

jetty@codehaus 7.0.0.v20091005 5 October 2009
 + JETTY-1021 jetty-maven-plugin overlay or reload issue
 + JETTY-1089 Upgrade jsp to SJSAS-9_1_1-B60F-07_Jan_2009
 + JETTY-1100 extend setuid feature to set number of open file descriptors
 + JETTY-1109 Improper handling of cookies in Terracotta tests
 + JETTY-1115 Allow configuration of location of web.xml for jetty-jspc-maven-plugin
 + Patch test context to deploy at /test for jetty-hightide
 + Moved example-jetty-spring to jetty-spring
 + Include jetty-jspc-maven-plugin
 + Fix jetty/jboss security integration
 + Remove printlns
 + Exclude setuid from hightide when building on windows

jetty-7.0.0.RC6 September 21 2009
 + Fixed XSS issue in CookieDump demo servlet.
 + 289958 StatisticsServlet incorrectly adds StatisticsHandler
 + 289960 start.jar assumes command line args are configs
 + 290081 Eager consume LF after CR
 + 290761 HttpExchange isDone handles intercepted events.
 + JETTY-719 Document state machine of jetty http client
 + JETTY-780 CNFE during startup of webapp with spring-context >= 2.5.1
 + JETTY-936 274251 Improved servlet matching and optimized'
 + JETTY-1080 modify previous fix to work on windows
 + JETTY-1084 HEAD command not setting content-type in response under certain circumstances
 + JETTY-1086 Use UncheckedPrintWriter & cleaned up HttpStatus.Code usage
 + JETTY-1090 resolve potential infinite loop with webdav listener
 + JETTY-1092 MultiPartFilter can be pushed into infinite loop
 + JETTY-1093 Request.toString throws exception when size exceeds 4k
 + JETTY-1098 Default form encoding is UTF8
 + JETTY-1101 Updated servlet3 continuation constructor
 + JETTY-1105 Custom error pages aren't working
 + JETTY-1108 SSL EOF detection
 + JETTY-1112 Response fails if header exceeds buffer size
 + JETTY-1113 IllegalStateException when adding servlet filters programmatically
 + 280723 Add non blocking statistics handler
 + 282543 HttpClient SSL buffer size fix
 + 283357 org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConnectionTest exceptions
 + 288055 jetty-client fails to resolve failed resolution attempts correctly
 + 288153 jetty-client resend doesn't reset exchange
 + 288466 LocalConnector is not thread safe
 + 288514 AbstractConnector does not handle InterruptedExceptions on shutdown
 + 288772 Failure to connect does not set status to EXCEPTED
 + 289146 formalize reload policy functionality
 + 289156 jetty-client: no longer throw runtime exception for bad authn details
 + 288182 PUT request fails during retry
 + 289221 HttpExchange does not timeout when using blocking connector
 + 289285 org.eclipse.jetty.continuation 7.0.0.RC5 imports the org.mortbay.util.ajax package
 + 289686 HttpExchange.setStatus() has too coarse synchronization
 + Tweak DefaultServletTest under windows
 + Copy VERSION.txt to distro
 + Remove printlns from jetty-plus

jetty-7.0.0.RC5 27 August 2009
 + 286911 Clean out cache when recycling HTTP fields
 + JETTY-838 Don't log and throw
 + JETTY-874 Better header full warnings
 + JETTY-960 Support for ldaps
 + JETTY-1081 Handle null content type in GzipFilter
 + JETTY-1084 Disable GzipFilter for HEAD requests
 + JETTY-1085 Allow url sessionID if cookie invalid
 + JETTY-1086 Added UncheckedPrintWriter to avoid ignored EOFs
 + JETTY-1087 Chunked SSL non blocking input
 + 287496 Use start.ini always and added --exec
 + 287632 FilterContinuations for blocking jetty6

jetty-7.0.0.RC4 18 August 2009
 + 286185 Implement ability for JSON implementation to automatically register convertors
 + Added discoverable start options
 + 286535 ContentExchange status code
 + 285891 SessionAuthentication is serializable
 + JETTY-1079 ResourceCollection.toString
 + 279820 Fixed HotSwapHandler
 + JETTY-1080 Ignore files that would be extracted outside the destination directory when unpacking WARs
 + JETTY-1057 XSS error page

jetty-7.0.0.RC3 7 August 2009
 + 277403 remove system properties
 + JETTY-1074 JMX thread manipulation
 + Improved deferred authentication handling
 + 285697 extract parameters if dispatch has query
 + 282447 concurrent destinations in HttpClient
 + 283172 fix Windows build, broken on directory creation with the DefaultServlet
 + 283375 additional error-checking on SSL connector passwords to prevent NPE
 + 283513 Check endp.isOpen when blocking read

jetty-7.0.0.RC2 29 June 2009
 + 283844 Webapp / TLD errors are not clear
 + 283375 improved extensibility of SSL connectors
 + 283818 fixed merge of forward parameters
 + backport jetty-8 annotation parsing to jetty-7
 + Disassociate method on IdentityService
 + 284510 Enhance jetty-start for diagnosis and unit testing
 + 284475 update for new OPTIONS syntax
 + Added DebugHandler
 + Added JavaUtilLog for Jetty logging to java.util.logging framework
 + 284981 Implement a cross-origin filter
 + Improved handling of overlays and resourceCollections
 + 285006 fix AbstractConnector NPE during shutdown.

jetty-7.0.0.RC1 15 June 2009
 + JETTY-1066 283357 400 response for bad URIs
 + JETTY-1068 Avoid busy flush of async SSL
 + 283344 Startup on windows is broken

jetty-7.0.0.RC0 8 June 2009
 + JETTY-967 create standalone build for PKCS12Import at codehaus
 + JETTY-1056 update jetty-ant module for Jetty 7 at codehaus trunk
 + JETTY-1058 Handle trailing / with aliases
 + 280843 Buffer pool uses isHeader
 + 271535 Adding integration tests, and enabling RFC2616 tests
 + 281287 Handle date headers before 1 Jan 1970
 + 282807 Better handling of 100 continues if response committed.
 + 282807 283049 282543 Improved handling of timeouts and complete. More debug

jetty-7.0.0.M4 1 June 2009
 + 281059 NPE in QTP with debug on
 + JETTY-799 shell script for jetty on cygwin
 + JETTY-1031 Handle large pipeline
 + JETTY-1034 Cookie parsing
 + JETTY-1042 Prevent cookie leak between shared connection
 + JETTY-1048 Fix for large partially filtered static content
 + JETTY-1049 Improved transparent proxy usability
 + JETTY-1054 Avoid double deploys
 + JETTY-1055 Cookie quoting
 + JETTY-1057 Error page stack trace XSS

jetty-7.0.0.M3 20 June 2009
 + fixed race with expired async listeners
 + refactored configuration mechanism
 + added WebAppContext.setConfigurationDiscovered for servlet 3.0 features
 + 274251 Allow dispatch to welcome files that are servlets (configurable)
 + 277403 Cleanup system property usage.
 + 277798 Denial of Service Filter
 + Portable continuations for jetty6 and servlet3
 + Refactored continuations to only support response wrapping
 + Added ContinuationThrowable
 + 276545 Quoted cookie paths
 + 279725 Support 100 and 102 expectations
 + Refactored AbstractBuffers to HttpBuffers for performance
 + Numerous cleanups from static code analysis
 + 280707 client.HttpConnection does not catch and handle non-IOExceptions
 + 281470 Handle the case where request.PathInfo() should be "/*"

jetty-7.0.0.M2 18 May 2009
 + JETTY-937 Work around Sun JVM bugs
 + JETTY-941 Linux chkconfig hint
 + JETTY-959 CGI servlet doesn't kill the CGI in case the client disconnects
 + JETTY-980 Fixed ResourceHandler ? handling, and bad URI creation in listings
 + JETTY-996 Make start-stop-daemon optional
 + 273767 Update to use geronimo annotations spec 1.1.1
 + JETTY-1003 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: timeout can't be negative
 + JETTY-1004 CERT VU#402580 Canonical path handling includes ? in path segment
 + JETTY-1013 MySql Error with JDBCUserRealm
 + JETTY-1014 Enable start-stop-daemon by default on (START_STOP_DAEMON=1)
 + JETTY-1015 Reduce BayeuxClient and HttpClient lock contention
 + JETTY-1020 ZipException in org.mortbay.jetty.webapp.TagLibConfiguration prevents all contexts from being loaded
 + 275396 Added ScopedHandler to set servlet scope before security handler
 + 275396 Added Authentication.Wrapped to allow JSAPI wrapping

jetty-7.0.0.M1 22 April 2009
 + 271258 FORM Authentication dispatch handling avoids caching
 + Initial support for LoginService.logout
 + Removed HTTPConnection specifics from connection dispatching
 + JETTY-695 Handler dump
 + Reworked authentication for deferred authentication
 + Reworked JMX for new layout
 + JETTY-983 DefaultServlet generates accept-ranges for cached/gzip content
 + 273011 JETTY-980 JETTY-992 Security / Directory Listing XSS present
 + 271536 Add support to IO for quietly closing Readers / Writers
 + 273101 Fix DefaultServletTest XSS test case
 + 273153 Test for Nested references in DispatchServlet

jetty-7.0.0.M0 27 March 2009
 + JETTY-496 Support inetd/xinetd through use of System.inheritedChannel()
 + JETTY-540 Merged 3.0 Public Review changes
 + JETTY-567 Delay in initial TLS Handshake With FireFox 3 beta5 and SslSelectChannelConnector
 + JETTY-600 Automated tests of WADI integration + upgrade to WADI 2.0
 + JETTY-691 System.getProperty() calls ... wrap them in doPrivileged
 + JETTY-713 Expose additional AbstractConnector methods via MBean
 + JETTY-731 Completed DeliverListener for cometd
 + JETTY-748 RandomAccessFileBuffer for hadoop optimization
 + JETTY-748 Reduced retries on async writes
 + JETTY-749 Improved ArrayQueue
 + JETTY-765 ensure stop mojo works for all execution phases
 + JETTY-774 Improved caching of mime types with charsets
 + JETTY-775 AbstractSessionTest remove timing related test
 + JETTY-778 handle granular windows timer in lifecycle test
 + JETTY-779 Fixed line feed in request log
 + JETTY-781 Add "mvn jetty:deploy-war" for deploying a pre-assembled war
 + JETTY-782 Implement interval advice for BayeuxClient
 + JETTY-783 Update jetty self-signed certificate
 + JETTY-784 TerracottaSessionManager leaks sessions scavenged in other nodes
 + JETTY-786 Allow DataSourceUserRealm to create tables
 + JETTY-787 Handle MSIE7 mixed encoding
 + JETTY-788 Fix jotm for scoped jndi naming
 + JETTY-790 WaitingContinuations can change mutex if not pending
 + JETTY-792 TerracottaSessionManager does not unlock new session with requested id
 + JETTY-793 Fixed DataCache millisecond rounding
 + JETTY-794 WADI integration tests fail intermittently.
 + JETTY-795 NullPointerException in
 + JETTY-801 Bring back 2 arg EnvEntry constructor
 + JETTY-802 Modify the default error pages to make association with Jetty clearer
 + JETTY-804 HttpClient timeout does not always work
 + JETTY-805 Fix jetty-jaas.xml for new UserRealm package
 + JETTY-806 Timeout related Deadlocks in HTTP Client
 + JETTY-807 HttpTester to handle charsets
 + JETTY-808 cometd client demo
 + JETTY-809 Need a way to customize WEB-INF/lib file extensions that are added to the classpath
 + JETTY-811 Allow configuration of system properties for the maven plugin using a file
 + JETTY-813 Simplify
 + JETTY-814 Add org.eclipse.jetty.client.Address.toString()
 + JETTY-816 Implement reconnect on java bayeux client
 + JETTY-817 Aborted SSL connections may cause jetty to hang with full cpu
 + JETTY-818 Support javax.servlet.request.ssl_session_id
 + JETTY-821 Allow lazy loading of persistent sessions
 + JETTY-822 Commit when autocommit=true causes error with mysql
 + JETTY-823 Extend start.config profiles
 + JETTY-824 Access to inbound byte statistics
 + JETTY-825 URL decoding of spaces (+) fails for encoding not utf8
 + JETTY-830 Add ability to reserve connections on http client
 + JETTY-831 Add ability to stop java bayeux client
 + JETTY-832 More UrlDecoded handling in relation to JETTY-825
 + JETTY-834 Configure DTD does not allow <Map> children
 + JETTY-837 Response headers set via filter are ignored for static resources
 + JETTY-840 add default mime types to *.htc and *.pps
 + JETTY-841 Duplicate messages when sending private message to yourself with cometd chat demo
 + JETTY-842 NPE in jetty client when no path component
 + JETTY-843 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF is not present in unpacked webapp
 + JETTY-844 Replace reflection with direct invocation in Slf4jLog
 + JETTY-848 Temporary folder not fully cleanup after stop (via Sweeper)
 + JETTY-854 JNDI scope does not work with applications in a .war
 + JETTY-859 MultiPartFilter ignores the query string parameters
 + JETTY-861 switched buffer pools to ThreadLocal implementation
 + JETTY-862 EncodedHttpURI ignores given encoding in constructor
 + JETTY-866 jetty-client test case fix
 + JETTY-869 NCSARequestLog locale config
 + JETTY-870 NullPointerException in Response when performing redirect to wrong relative URL
 + JETTY-871 jetty-client expires() NPE race condition fixed
 + JETTY-876 Added new BlockingArrayQueue and new QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-894 Add android .apk to mime types
 + JETTY-897 Remove swing dependency in GzipFilter
 + JETTY-898 Allow jetty debs to start with custom java args provided by users
 + JETTY-899 Standardize location and build process for configuration files which go into etc
 + JETTY-890 merge jaspi branch to trunk
 + JETTY-909 Update useragents cache
 + JETTY-917 Change for JETTY-811 breaks systemProperties config parameter in maven-jetty-plugin
 + JETTY-922 Fixed NPE on getRemoteHost when socket closed
 + JETTY-923 Client supports attributes
 + JETTY-926 default location for generatedClasses of jspc plugin is incorrect
 + JETTY-939 NPE in AbstractConfiguration.callPreDestroyCallbacks
 + JETTY-938 Deadlock in the TerracottaSessionManager
 + JETTY-946 Redeploys with maven jetty plugin of webapps with overlays don't work
 + JETTY-950 Fix double-printing of request URI in request log
 + JETTY-953 SSL keystore file input stream is not being closed directly
 + JETTY-956 SslSelectChannelConnector - password should be the default value of keyPassword if not specified
 + moved to org.eclipse packages
 + simplified HandlerContainer API

jetty-7.0.0.pre5 30 Oct 2008
 + JETTY-766 Fix npe
 + JETTY-767 Fixed SSL Client no progress handshake bug
 + JETTY-768 Remove EnvEntry overloaded constructors
 + JETTY-769 jquery example error
 + JETTY-771 Ensure NamingEntryUtil is jdk1.4 compliant
 + JETTY-772 Increased default threadpool size to 250

jetty-7.0.0.pre4 28 Oct 2008
 + JETTY-241 Support for web application overlays in rapid application development (jetty:run)
 + JETTY-319 improved passing of exception when webapp unavailable
 + JETTY-331 SecureRandom hangs on systems with low entropy (connectors slow to start)
 + JETTY-591 No server classes for jetty-web.xml
 + JETTY-604 AbstractSession.setSessionURL
 + JETTY-670 $JETTY_HOME/bin/ not worked in Solaris, because of /usr/bin/which has no error-code
 + JETTY-676 ResourceHandler doesn't support HTTP HEAD requests
 + JETTY-677 GWT serialization issue
 + JETTY-680 Can't configure the ResourceCollection with maven
 + JETTY-681 JETTY-692 MultiPartFilter is slow for file uploads
 + JETTY-682 Added listeners and queue methods to cometd
 + JETTY-686 LifeCycle.Listener
 + JETTY-687 Issue with servlet-mapping in dynamic servlet invoker
 + JETTY-688 Cookie causes NumberFormatException
 + JETTY-689 processing of non-servlet related annotations
 + JETTY-690 Updated XBean dependencies to XBean version 3.4.3 and Spring 2.0.5.
 + JETTY-696 restart not working
 + JETTY-698 org.eclipse.resource.JarResource.extract does not close JarInputStream jin
 + JETTY-699 Optimized cometd sending of 1 message to many many clients
 + JETTY-700 unit test for unread request data
 + JETTY-703 maxStopTimeMs added to QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-708 allow 3 scopes for jndi resources: jvm, server or webapp
 + JETTY-709 Jetty plugin's WebAppConfig configured properties gets overridden by AbstractJettyRunMojo even when already set
 + JETTY-710 Worked around poor implementation of File.toURL()
 + JETTY-711 DataSourceUserRealm implementation
 + JETTY-712 HttpClient does not handle request complete after response complete
 + JETTY-715 AJP Key size as Integer
 + JETTY-716 Fixed NPE on empty cometd message
 + JETTY-718 during ssl unwrap, return true if some bytes were read, even if underflow
 + JETTY-720 fix HttpExchange.waitForStatus
 + JETTY-721 Support wildcard in VirtualHosts configuration
 + JETTY-723 does not check if TMP already is set
 + JETTY-724 better handle EBCDIC default JVM encoding
 + JETTY-728 Improve Terracotta integration and performances
 + JETTY-730 Set SAX parse features to defaults
 + JETTY-731 DeliverListener for cometd
 + JETTY-732 Case Sensitive Basic Authentication Response Header Implementations
 + JETTY-733 Expose ssl connectors with xbean
 + JETTY-735 Wrong default jndi name on DataSourceUserRealm
 + JETTY-736 Client Specific cometd advice
 + JETTY-737 refactored jetty.jar into jetty, xml, security, ssl, webapp and deploy jars
 + JETTY-738 If finds a pid file is does not check to see if a process with that pid is still running
 + JETTY-739 Race in QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-741 HttpClient connects slowly due to reverse address lookup by InetAddress.getHostName()
 + JETTY-742 Private messages in cometd chat demo
 + JETTY-747 Handle HttpClient exceptions better
 + JETTY-755 Optimized HttpParser and buffers for few busy connections
 + JETTY-757 Unhide JAAS classes
 + JETTY-758 Update JSP to glassfish tag SJSAS-9_1_1-B51-18_Sept_2008
 + JETTY-759 Fixed JSON small negative real numbers
 + JETTY-760 Handle wildcard VirtualHost and normalize hostname in ContextHandlerCollection
 + JETTY-762 improved QueuedThreadPool idle death handling
 + JETTY-763 Fixed AJP13 constructor
 + JETTY-766 Ensure SystemProperties set early on jetty-maven-plugin

jetty-7.0.0pre3 - 6 August 2008
 + Upgrade jsp 2.1 to SJSAS-9_1_02-B04-11_Apr_2008
 + JETTY-30  Externalize servlet-api to own project
 + JETTY-182 Support setting explicit system classpath for jasper Jsr199JavaCompiler
 + JETTY-319 Get unavailable exception and added startWithUnavailable option
 + JETTY-381 JETTY-622 Multiple Web Application Source Directory
 + JETTY-442 Accessors for mimeType on ResourceHandler
 + JETTY-502 forward of an include should hide include attributes
 + JETTY-562 RewriteHandler support for virtual hosts
 + JETTY-563 JETTY-482 OpenRemoteServiceServlet for GWT1.5M2+
 + JETTY-564 Consider optionally importing org.apache.jasper.servlet
 + JETTY-571 SelectChannelConnector throws Exception on close on Windows
 + JETTY-608 Suspend/Resume/Complete request listeners
 + JETTY-621 Improved LazyList javadoc
 + JETTY-626 Null protect reading the dtd resource from classloader
 + JETTY-628 Rewrite rule for rewriting scheme
 + JETTY-629 Don't hold timeout lock during expiry call.
 + JETTY-632 OSGi tags for Jetty client
 + JETTY-633 Default form encoding 8859_1 rather than utf-8
 + JETTY-635 Correctly merge request parameters when doing forward
 + JETTY-636 Separate lifeycle of jsp build
 + JETTY-637 empty date headers throw IllegalArgumentException
 + JETTY-641 JDBC Realm purge cache problem
 + JETTY-642 NPE in LdapLoginModule
 + JETTY-644 LdapLoginModule uses proper filters when searching
 + JETTY-645 Do not provide jetty-util to the webapps
 + JETTY-646 Should set Cache-Control header when sending errors to avoid caching
 + JETTY-647 suspended POSTs with binary data do too many resumes
 + JETTY-650 Parse "*" URI for HTTP OPTIONS request
 + JETTY-651 Release resources during destroy
 + JETTY-653 Upgrade jta api specs to more recent version
 + JETTY-654 Allow Cometd Bayeux object to be JMX manageable
 + JETTY-655 Support parsing application/x-www-form-urlencoded parameters via http PUT
 + JETTY-656 HttpClient defaults to async mode
 + JETTY-659 ContentExchange and missing headers in HttpClient
 + JETTY-663 AbstractDatabaseLoginModule handle not found UserInfo and userName
 + JETTY-665 Support merging class directories
 + JETTY-666 scanTargetPatterns override the values already being set by scanTarget
 + JETTY-667 HttpClient handles chunked content
 + JETTY-669 Http methods other than GET and POST should not have error page content
 + JETTY-671 Configure DTD does not allow <Property> children
 + JETTY-672 Utf8StringBuffer doesn't properly handle null characters (char with byte value 0)
 + JETTY-675 ServletContext.getRealPath("") returns null instead of returning the root dir of the webapp

jetty-7.0.0pre2 - 30 June 2008
 + JETTY-336 413 error for header buffer full
 + JETTY-425 race in stopping SelectManager
 + JETTY-568 Avoid freeing DirectBuffers. New locking NIO ResourceCache.
 + JETTY-569 Stats for suspending requests
 + JETTY-576 servlet dtds and xsds not being loaded locally
 + JETTY-572 Unique cometd client ID
 + JETTY-578 OSGI Bundle-RequiredExcutionEnvironment set to J2SE-1.5
 + JETTY-579 OSGI resolved management and servlet.resources import error
 + JETTY-580 Fixed SSL shutdown
 + JETTY-581 ContextPath constructor
 + JETTY-582 final ISO_8859_1
 + JETTY-584 handle null contextPath
 + JETTY-587 persist sessions to database
 + JETTY-588 handle Retry in ServletException
 + JETTY-589 Added Statistics Servlet
 + JETTY-590 Digest auth domain for root context
 + JETTY-592 expired timeout callback without synchronization
 + JETTY-595 SessionHandler only deals with base request session
 + JETTY-596 proxy support in HttpClient
 + JETTY-598 Added more reliable cometd message flush option
 + JETTY-599 handle buffers consistently handle invalid index for poke
 + JETTY-603 Handle IPv6 in HttpURI
 + JETTY-605 Added optional threadpool to BayeuxService
 + JETTY-606 better writeTo impl for BIO
 + JETTY-607 Add GigaSpaces session clustering
 + JETTY-609 jetty-client improvements for http conversations
 + JETTY-610 jetty.class.path not being interpreted
 + JETTY-611 make general purpose jar scanning mechanism
 + JETTY-612 scan for web.xml fragments
 + JETTY-613 various distribution related changes
 + JETTY-614 scanner allocates hashmap on every iteration
 + JETTY-615 Replaced CDDL servlet.jar with Apache-2.0 licensed version
 + JETTY-623 ServletContext.getServerInfo() non compliant

jetty-7.0.0pre1 - 3 May 2008
 + Allow annotations example to be built regularly, copy to contexts-available
 + Make annotations example consistent with servlet 3.0
 + Refactor JNDI impl to simplify
 + Improved suspend examples
 + address osgi bundling issue relating to build resources
 + JETTY-529 CNFE when deserializing Array from session resolved
 + JETTY-558 optional handling of X-Forwarded-For/Host/Server
 + JETTY-559 ignore unsupported shutdownOutput
 + JETTY-566 allow for non-blocking behavior in jetty maven plugin
 + JETTY-440 allow file name patterns for jsp compilation for jspc plugin

jetty-7.0.0pre0 - 21 April 2008
 + Jetty-6.1.8 Changes
 + Refactor of Continuation towards servlet 3.0 proposal
 + JETTY-282 Support manually-triggered reloading by maven plugin
 + QueuedThreadPool default
 + RetryRequest exception now extends ThreadDeath
 + Added option to dispatch to suspended requests.
 + Delay 100 continues until getInputStream
 + HttpClient supports pipelined request
 + BayeuxClient use a single connection for polling
 + Make javax.servlet.jsp optional osgi import for jetty module
 + Ensure Jotm tx mgr can be found in jetty-env.xml
 + Renamed modules management and naming to jmx and jndi.
 + JETTY-282 Support manually-triggered reloading by maven plugin
 + JETTY-341 100-Continues sent only after getInputStream called.
 + JETTY-386 backout fix and replaced with ContextHandler.setCompactPath(boolean)
 + JETTY-399 update OpenRemoteServiceServlet to gwt 1.4
 + JETTY-467 allow URL rewriting to be disabled.
 + JETTY-468 unique holder names for addServletWithMapping
 + JETTY-471 LDAP JAAS Realm
 + JETTY-474 Fixed case sensitivity issue with HttpFields
 + JETTY-475 AJP connector in RPMs
 + JETTY-486 Improved script
 + JETTY-487 Handle empty chunked request
 + JETTY-494 Client side session replication
 + JETTY-519 HttpClient does not recycle closed connection.
 + JETTY-522 Add build profile for macos for setuid
 + JETTY-523 Default servlet uses ServletContext.getResource
 + JETTY-524 Don't synchronize session event listener calls
 + JETTY-525 Fixed decoding for long strings
 + JETTY-526 Fixed MMBean fields on JMX MBeans
 + JETTY-528 Factor our cookie parsing to CookieCutter
 + JETTY-530 Improved JMX MBeanContainer lifecycle
 + JETTY-531 Optional expires on MovedContextHandler
 + JETTY-532 MBean properties for QueuedThreadPool
 + JETTY-535 Fixed Bayeux server side client memory leak
 + JETTY-537 JSON handles Locales
 + JETTY-538 test harness fix for windows
 + JETTY-540 Servlet-3.0 & java5 support (work in progress)
 + JETTY-543 Atomic batch get and put of files.
 + JETTY-545 Rewrite handler
 + JETTY-546 Webapp runner. All in one jar to run a webapps
 + JETTY-547 Shutdown SocketEndpoint output before close
 + JETTY-550 Reading 0 bytes corrupts ServletInputStream
 + JETTY-551 Wadi 2.0-M10
 + JETTY-553 Fixed customize override
 + JETTY-556 Encode all URI fragments
 + JETTY-557 Allow ServletContext.setAttribute before start
 + JETTY-560 Allow decoupling of jndi names in web.xml

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