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[jetty-announce] Jetty 7.6.0.RC0 and 8.1.0RC0

Release Candidates for 7.6.0.RC0 and 8.1.0RC0 are now available via

These releases have a significant re factoring of the NIO layer to
better cope with the features added over recent years and to better
deal with some of the instability that was introduced in the 7.5.x
releases (specially with regards to half closed SSL connections).

We would appreciate as much feedback as you can give (positive or
negative) on your testing/usage of these releases.

jetty-8.1.0.RC0 - 30 November 2011
 + 352565 cookie httponly flag ignored
 + 353285 ServletSecurity annotation ignored
 + 357163 jetty 8 ought to proxy jetty8 javadocs
 + 357209 JSP tag listeners not called
 + 360051 SocketConnectionTest.testServerClosedConnection is excluded.
 + 361135 Allow session cookies to NEVER be marked as secure, even on HTTPS
 + 362249 update shell scripts to jetty8
 + 363878 Add ecj compiler to jetty-8 for jsp
 + 364283 can't parse the servlet multipart-config for the web.xml
 + 364430 Support web.xml enabled state for servlets

jetty-7.6.0.RC0 - 29 November 2011
 + Refactored NIO layer for better half close handling
 + 349110 fixed bypass chunk handling
 + 360546 handle set count exceeding max integer
 + 362111 StdErrLog.isDebugEnabled() returns true too often
 + 362113 Improve Test Coverage of org.eclipse.jetty.util.log classes
 + 362407 setTrustStore(Resource) -> setTrustStoreResource(R)
 + 362447 add setMaxNonceAge() to DigestAuthenticator
 + 362468 NPE at line
 + 362614 NPE in accepting connection
 + 362626 IllegalStateException thrown when SslContextFactory preconfigured
   with SSLContext
 + 362696 expand virtual host configuration options to ContextHandler and add
   associated test case for new behavior
 + 362742 improved UTF8 exception reason
 + 363124 improved websocket close handling
 + 363381 Throw IllegalStateException if Request uri is null on getServerName
 + 363408 GzipFilter should not attempt to compress HTTP status 204
 + 363488 ShutdownHandler use stopper thread
 + 363718 Setting java.rmi.server.hostname in jetty-jmx.xml
 + 363757 partial fix
 + 363785 StdErrLog must use system-dependent EOL.
 + 363943 ignore null attribute values
 + 363993 EOFException parsing HEAD response in HttpTester
 + 364638 SCEP does idle timestamp checking. New setCheckForIdle method
   controls onIdleExpired callback. 364921 a second onIdleExpired callback will
   result in close rather than a shutdown output.
 + 364657 Support HTTP only cookies from standard API
 + JETTY-1442 add _hostHeader setter for ProxyRule

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