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[higgins-dev] Data Model: closed or open simple data types?

I'm re-threading this question.  It affects a number of assumptions CP implementors and consumers make.  Does anyone disagree with my understanding below?  The APIs I'm referring to are:

ITypedValue.getDataType() and IAttributeSimpleValueModel.getType() (the former is simply a shortcut for the latter).


>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 01/11/08 6:36 PM >>>

So, based on my perhaps flawed understanding of what types get reported to the caller, the IdAS javadoc states that simple value types are always one of the XML schema built-in simple datatypes (excluding the ur-type anySimpleType, but including its subtypes listed in  You can see a table of these in Section 3.

If I'm mistaken and IdAS simple value types are supposed to be something else, we need to address that.

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