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[higgins-dev] eclipse WTP bugs

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a bad experience using some higgins projects.
I am part of the team working on the STS Idemix plugins and to test this new 
plugins I've download from the CVS repository the required packages:

I am using eclipse/WTP and tomcat/axis1.3, and the "magic" deployment feature 
from WTP. It was working fine until now.
With the last code I had suddenly no access to the properties "J2EE Module 
Depedencies", only a error dialog box with "The currently displayed pages 
contains invalid values".
The exception logged in .metadata/.log was not so much helpfull.
By chance I discover that closing the project org.eclipse.higgins.idas is 
correcting this really annoying bugs ... but still idas is needed and at 
least referenced in core & samltoken packages.
This WTP error dialog box seems to be known, for multiple different problems. 
Its maybe due to some circular references ?
Did someone else had the same experience ?
Ok, it should be a bug submit in the WTP project, but maybe a .classpath or 
a .project just get wrong ...
Mmm... maybe I will just give up and always use Jim's ant file ;)

Thanks for any help or hint !


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