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Re: [higgins-dev] Metadata on non-RDF values

Third bullet should read "Allow all property values to expose a backing Java object".
To facilitate forward movement, I'm checking in the third bullet solution while this is being decided.

>>> "Jim Sermersheim" <jimse@xxxxxxxxxx> 9/15/06 2:58 PM >>>
In our recent tweaking, I made IMetadata act like other properties. It
has a type and value(s) where the value(s) are of IPropertyValue.

IPropertyValue is either a literal, in which case it has a backing Java
object, or a resource, in which case it has a further set of

Tom needs the metadata on a context factory to simply allow him to
store and fetch a Java object of his own creation.

The choices I see are:

- Have two types of metadata (that which is representable in the RDF
produced by IContext.export, and that which is not exposed as RDF)
- Review "what is metadata". Meaning, we haven't really defined what
form it's in or what it's actually used for on things like
- Allow all properties to expose a backing Java object
- Decouple metadata from the notion of properties.

Any thoughts?

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