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[equinox-dev] [*** SPAM ***]Re: Committer Emeritus

John, (and everyone)
Just out of curiosity, what does Committer Emeritus mean? Does this give them discounts at EclipseCon or anything? I haven't seen this term before... (but I think it's a cool idea to honour ex-committers who made significant contributions)
I did announce it in a few communications, but I admit that I (and the EMO) appear to be a source spam and are often filtered out of people information inflows :-)

I created this because I wanted to have a way to honor significant committers who have moved on for one reason or another. You can find the list of them through > Committers Emeritus

We hadn't come up with anything special for them yet, but I like the idea of discounts at EclipseCon - nice. I was also thinking of add some words to the development process to make re-electing an Emeritus even easier than a normal committer (but I haven't added those words yet).

- Bjorn

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