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[equinox-dev] Security category for Equinox on Eclipse wiki

Greetings all,

I've added a category on the Eclipsepedia wiki under Equinox for security related documents and discussions. We're going to be working on incubating some security related enhancements for Eclipse going forward, and the wiki seemed like a good place to house the discussion. See here:

I'm interested in soliciting community requirements beyond our own, and your help would be much appreciated. Either reply here in the list and I'll collate, or add thoughts directly to the wiki page here:

Eventually we'd like to get to a point where the platform can run with a SecurityManager installed and integrated. That implies significant work many areas - including tooling for creating and managing signed projects/jars/bundles, integrated user interface for permission alerts and policy administration, plus mechanisms to package and update permission policies for sets of users. We'll be leveraging and extending the infrastructure in OSGI whenever possible.

Thanks for your help,

Matt Flaherty
Project Lead/Architect
Notes Client Security

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