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[egit-dev] Google Summer of Code 2010 project proposal for EGit/JGit projects


Before I'll add my proposal to Eclipse Foundation Google Summer of
Code 2010 ideas list[0] and post it on soc-dev mailing list I want
get some feed back from EGit/JGit developer community.

So, here is my proposal:

Title: Improve Eclipse Git integration

Abstract: Git is a great distributed revision control system,
thanks for EGit and JGit developers Eclipse has right now quite good
support for Git. The goal of this project would be to improve EGit
functionality by integrating it with "Team Synchronizing perspective"
with is one of the best features in Eclipse CVS integration. Second
part of project would be adding support for 'git stash' into JGit and
UI for stashing into EGit. Implementing both of that features will
make Git support in Eclipse to be closer to "CVS quality".

What do you think about that ?

Don't hesitate to ask questions and making suggestions on for
my proposal. I'll wait until Tuesday, 23. March with adding this to
ideas list.

Best regards

GSM: +48 695 192 160

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