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[egit-dev] JGit Licensing Update

Today at the September board of directors meeting the board approved
JGit to be hosted at, licensed solely under the EDL.
This was the decision we were waiting on before fully moving the
code base to, and I'm quite excited by the outcome.

The vote was a unanimous decision, but in particular a number of
folks helped to present the argument explaining why this special
exemption from the EPL was in the best interests of the foundation.
I would like to thank the elected committer representatives (Chris
Aniszczyk, Boris Bokowski, Doug Gaff, Ed Merks), Mike Milinkovich
and Janet Campbell of the Eclipse Foundation, and Matthias Sohn of
SAP AG for the valuable discussion and feedback they offered while
preparing for the vote, as well as the numerous private conversations
they held with other board members prior to the vote.

At this point we need to kick our JGit CQ to be a real code
contribution CQ and not an Orbit import, and we need to slightly
restructure the EGit project to have two subcomponents: EGit (the
Eclipse plugin/glue) and JGit (the underlying library).


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