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[ee4j-pmc] The latest round of EE4J Project Proposals...

Greetings EE4J PMC.

I have posted the following new proposals for community review. Below, I've tried to extract a short description for each (generally) based on the scope.

I'd like to reinforce that none of these projects target any specific version of any specification. A project that we set up to work on a particular bit of technology will be used to create the next and future versions of that technology.

The scope statements in most of these projects are not as well defined as I'd like. That the "Eclipse Project for JSP provides the API and TCK for JavaServer Pages" is valuable in that it indicates quite specifically that the project is providing the API and TCK. However, it doesn't really define what JavaServer Pages means, or make any attempt to, say, set boundaries between JSP, JSF, or Servlets (for example).

I had hoped/assumed that the existing JSRs would provide help, but I'm struggling to find a concise statement of scope from that source. e.g. "JavaServer Pages (JSP) provides a means of embedding dynamic content into HTML pages and other document types using the Java programming language." (or something like that).

However, since these technologies are pretty well-understood, I think that it's reasonable to just run with what we have here. Over time, it might be a valuable exercise to try to make more project scope statements more explicit.

Should we change the name of Eclipse Jakarta EE TCK to Eclipse Jakarta EE CTS? What do you think?

Any other thoughts regarding these proposals, their scope, or any other aspect?


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Eclipse Foundation

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