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[eclipse-dev] An important change, and transition period, for Eclipse Platform Builds

I think most are aware that we in the Platform (with help from many others) have been working to move our builds to use Tycho and Maven (instead of PDE Batch Builds) to build our deliverables. This is part of the "CBI efforts" and more specifically motivated by the Eclipse Foundation's LTS program.

The time is now. Full speed ahead. We have produced our last PDE based build [2], and will produce only the Tycho/Maven based builds from now on. Our "status and plans" are documented on a wiki plan page [1]. Pleases read it for the blow-by-blow time-line, queries for bugs, known issues, and the most significant builds.
We have had "working SDK versions"  for some time, and have now moved far enough along in automation to feel (relatively) confident we can base our M6 deliverables on it. We are not yet publishing 4.3-I-build repos to "downloads", but will soon.

But, we will need your help ... to confirm we are not crazy! While we are aware of many issues, its certain you can help us find more. In particular, anything that your M6 builds depend on, that we have overlooked. There are only a few weeks left for M6, and M6 is our "EclipseCon build", so we want to be sure we can deliver high quality versions of the basics ... though much "fine tuning", I suspect, will be post-M6.

One way you can help: try out the SDK from recent Tycho/Maven based I-builds -- either as dev. env. or as PDE target for development -- and be sure nothing is obviously wrong. (Our committers have been using them ... but ... everyone knows we don't use as much as the community, in general, so your early help is appreciated).

Another important ... essential! ... way you can help:  try soon to "build against" our deliverables -- do not wait till the last week before M6! This will help find problems we are not aware of (see bug queries in wiki [1]) ... and, help us set priorities for the remaining work.  Towards this end, I suggest you "move up" as soon as possible, to our last PDE based build [2] and then shortly after, try one of the Tycho/Maven based I-builds (that way, you will more easily know if issues are due to other "M6 related changes" or if to the "build itself").  

One complication is that we will be doing only I-builds for a while (for at least a week or two). They will be at least once a day in place of our traditional N-builds. We still expect our Tuesday morning I-build to be "the official I-build" for the week, but you will have to pay close attention to dates and times on I-builds, not to mention, many improvements in build deliverables may be made in 8 PM I-builds a few days later. I'll try to keep the wiki plan page [1] up to date with most significant builds, but feel free to follow the platform-releng-dev list to stay the most aware, and ask questions there, if something is not clear.

Thanks for your help during this transition. We hope its smooth, at least not painful, but might have a few bumps during the transition so we thought it deserved a wide spread note to keep everyone informed and get some quick sanity checking.




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