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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Planning Meeting Post-Notes - August 19, 2009

The question was raised on whether we need an earlier performance pass in 3.6. When performance work is done at the end of the cycle there is less freedom to make bigger or cross-component changes. Discuss with your component lead and the topic will be revisited later.

If component leads notice their component has committers that have been inactive for several years, feel free to prune them. The process is to send them an email asking if they are ok with being removed, and if they accept or don't reply, forward the request to the project lead/PMC, who has the ability to remove them via the portal.

There will be a mass update of LATER/REMIND bugs as part of the bugzilla migration. We will automatically transition LATER bugs to WONTFIX, and REMIND bugs to INVALID. We stopped using these states 3-4 years ago so these are all very old bugs. If you want to take different action on these bugs, you need to deal with them before August 29. If there is a bug you really care about that is in one of these states, just reopen it or ask the bug owner to do so.

There will be extra 3.5.1 builds this Friday and Monday in advance of 3.5.1 RC2 next Wednesday. Kim will send out an updated build schedule.

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