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[eclipse-dev] raw notes from 3.5 retrospective (part i)

This is just a copy of McQ's raw notes from yesterday's planning meeting. At the end of the call, about four teams were left. We'll have to continue collecting this feedback next week.

  • 3.5 better than 3.4
  • builds are still slow
  • publisher in M7
  • needed rebuilds
  • build input quality
  • missing performance results for some time
  • communication with Foundation
    • service levels for build machine?
    • need to talk to Foundation, e.g. planned maintenance windows
  • would like to be able to build anywhere
  • monitoring performance was useful
  • having a polish pass was good
  • plan came late
  • milestone week
    • should need fewer rebuilds
    • should need no late rebuilds
    • milestones on time less than 50% (we slipped to Saturdays, or in one case even to Tuesday next week)
  • Not enough time to test all platforms
    • more days
    • more people
    • less platforms
    • (make the above transparent for the community)
  • get people to sign up for testing on certain platforms
    • run JUnit tests
    • participate in milestone week testing
  • SWT needed to fix a lot of bugs during RC2
    • needs earlier test pass
  • per milestone messages
    • remind people about where we are
  • milestones worked
  • freeze things with downstream impact at M5
  • missing strictness around maintenance builds
    • need more oversight
  • meeting notes too long?
    • provide more detail than just "bug fixing"
    • should say where majority of time was spent
  • Bugzilla was really slow
  • API tooling
    • built a good test suite first
    • did doc on the fly
  • PDE target platform support came in late
  • performance result pages improved
  • need more performance test machines (4 instead of 3)

I would like to propose that based on the notes and our discussion, we produce something that is easier to consume and remember, for example similar to this:


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