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[ecf-dev] [GSoC] PDE templates of OSGi remote services

Hi Folks,

For the past couple of weeks I did some research about PDE.And also joined the pde-dev mailing list.I followed the following link[1]
and got a basic overview of PDE. To get familiarized with PDE I did some research about PDE and followed the following links  
[2][3] to improve my knowledge about PDE.Now   I think I have quit a bit of understanding about PDE.

To do this project I need to improve my knowledge about OSGI I am hoping to follow this [4] tutorial to do that. Is this tutorial covers the scope I need to know about OSGI or are there any other good tutorials ?. Furthermore I like research about OSGI can someone give me some references for that.
I studied the code[6] PDE template for creating a remote service but I think I need to improve my knowledge about OSGI to understand them better  

Since this project focuses on templates of OSGi remote services with specific discovery/distribution providers I would like to know if there are any high priority providers and if so what they are?. And I would like to know about these provides as well so I can study about them.

I would like to post my project proposal[8] to  Planet Eclipse.I filed bug report asking for help to do this[7].Can someone please help me with this.


Thank You
Department of Computer Science & Engineering.
University of Moratuwa.

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