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Re: [e4-dev] Introduction + Clojure in e4 / Introduction

Hi Gaetan,

I'm definitely interested in the work you're doing here. You're right in that I'm doing work to better support _javascript_ bundles however I don't believe it's a stretch to support other JVM based languages in a similar fashion.
The current status of e4 "multi-languge" is that we're just ramping up and now is an ideal time to join in. (In addition to this list I'd suggest speaking up at the bi-weekly meeting -- see calendar on

The _javascript_/Rhino support code I've been working on is still fairly prototype-y however it probably would make sense to more formally do and share the work in the e4 incubator especially if other are interested.
For those not on the call...

Hi, I'm Simon. I'm a committer on the Equinox project where I work on various aspects including p2, server-side, OSGi compendium services, and bits and pieces of the framework.
I'm interested in contributing to e4 in the areas of multi-language support (with an initial focus on _javascript_) as well as anything to do with server-side interaction and runtimes.


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[e4-dev] Introduction + Clojure in e4

Hi all,

I am head of the Eclipse Products Team at Anyware Technologies. I lead Eclipse based IDE projects for embedded software tooling that involve lots of Eclipse technologies such as EMF, CDT, TM and DLTK. I also lead research efforts on alternative JVM languages use in Eclipse plugins development.

I am currently working on a proof of concept on the programming language clojure (a functional dynamic jvm based language, which has a very interesting way to deal with multi-threading : and my EclipseCon talk at >From my point of view, writing plug-ins using clojure could be very interesting due to its features (multithreading, dynamism, native Java interop) and its performances which are very close to Java (vs. JRuby, Groovy, ...).
I made some hacks in the core of clojure runtime in order to use Bundles' class loaders. And after some efforts I managed to use clojure code in Eclipse plug-ins (I made a little builder in order to compile clojure files into class files ). This code interacts in both directions with java and share the dependency and visibility of the plugin in which it is hosted.
But the most interesting feature is that it is fully dynamic, enabling, for example, live code modification in a running instance of Eclipse or interaction with Eclipse components.
I've seen in yesterday's meeting notes that Simon Kaegi has managed to write OSGi bundles in _javascript_ (but the code is not yet in e4 CVS, right?), and I'd like to know the current status of e4 wrt dynamic languages integration, and how I could join the effort.


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