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Re: [dsdp-pmc] PMC approval needed for committer vote for Anton Leherbauer

Thank you all for voting so promptly! I will now vote for the PMC on the portal.

Vote summary:
+1 Martin Oberhuber
+1 Mark Rogalski
+1 Christian Kurzke
+1 Shigeki Moride
+1 Dave Russo
+1 Eric Cloninger
+1 Doug Gaff


portal on behalf of emo wrote:
dsdp PMC Members,
This automatically generated message marks the completion of voting for
Anton Leherbauer's Committer status on the dsdp.dd project. As a PMC
member, you can approve or disapprove this vote through your My Foundation
portal page:

Anton Leherbauer was nominated by Pawel Piech as follows: Toni, who's a long-time committer in the CDT project, started contributing
to the Device Debugging project with the port of Wind River's disassembly
view to DSF.  Since then he has also submitted patches for variables views'
bugs and for enhancements to the Debug view.  Given Toni's dedication and
legendary bug-fixing ability I believe he'll help us raise the DSF to the
next level in quality and features.

List of DD bugs that Toni contributed patches for:
[227743], [229491], [230932], [202553], [229572], [229601], [229486],
[228062], [202649], [236843], [164044]


Vote summary: 3/1/0 with 3 pending 0 Anthony Berent
   ?  Francois Chouinard
   ?  Veenu  Khanna Verma
  +1  Marc Khouzam
  +1  Pawel Piech
  +1  Randy Rohrbach
   ?  Ted Williams

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