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[dsdp-pmc] Using PHPEclipse / Phoenix for Website

Hi folks,

These instructions were sent around prior to our dsdp-pmc mailing list.
I am resending them so they will be archived.


-----Original Message-----
From: Oberhuber, Martin 
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 4:22 PM
Subject: Using PHPEclipse / Phoenix for Website

Dear DSDP Webmasters,

Here come the instructions for web page editing that Doug and I 
have promised on various occasions.

Don't be upset by the long E-Mail - editing the pages is simple,
and the Phoenix infrastructure give you a handy kit to provide
nice and advanced pages easily.

Since 2006 the Website is using a set of PHP scripts
called "Phoenix" to deliver its content more dynamically. The
advantages of Phoenix are that you - as a content provider - 
get access to advanced layout without having to fuss around with
styling tags. You just concentrate on the content. And, moreover,
through PHP you get access to a system that will eventually allow
you to re-use content in multiple places by including it.

The small disadvantage of using a script-based system like PHP 
is that it is a bit harder to preview content locally before 
submittingit to the server. But fortunately, with XAMPP there 
is a package which contains everything we need, and it is easy
to install.

In the instructions below, you can change installed pathes (e.g. use
other drives than C:\xampp and C:\wtp-1.0) but please be sure to leave
Apache's htdocs directory where it is, and put your Eclipse workspace
into it (otherwise, either Apache or the PHP preview won't work).

For the whole environment, there is some (outdated) documentation on but you better follow the steps 

Install PHPEclipse for editing the web pages.
1.) Install xampp
    get xampp-1.5.1 Installer (29MB) from
    install it into C:\xampp
    do not start services
    launch the xampp control panel
    start the apache server (others are not needed)

2.) Install Eclipse wtp-1.0
    get from
    Extract it into C:\wtp-1.0

3.) Install PHPEclipse
    get from
    Extract it into C:\wtp-1.0\eclipse

4.) Download EclipseTidy
    get from
    Store it somewhere locally, you'll need it in (6)

5.) Start wtp, setting the Workspace to the xampp htdocs directory
    Best create a batch file to do so:

	SET EHOME=C:\wtp-1.0\eclipse
	SET ECLIPSE=%EHOME%\eclipse.exe
	REM SET ECFG=-configuration file://%EHOME%/configuration.web
	SET EWS=C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs
	SET EOPT=%ECFG% -vmargs -Xmx512m
	start %ECLIPSE% -data %EWS% %EOPT%

6.) Install EclipseTidy:
    Help > Software Updates > Find and install : Search for new features
    New Archived Site : navigate to you downloaded
    Press Next, accept license, finish, restart eclipse

Set up your workspace for DSDP Website editing
Start wtp
Window > Open Perspective > Other > CVS Repository Exploring
New Repository, "extssh:yourlogin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/cvsroot/org.eclipse"
Expand Repository node > HEAD > www
Select the following modules, and Check out: 
   dsdp , , images
Window > Open Perspective > Other > PHP
Copy & Paste the following files and directories into your projects:
(You can either base your work on the "DSDP" pages or on the
"DSDP/TM" pages - whatever you prefer):

Note that we are *requested* to provide the content of the project-info
directory as well as the web pages referenced from there, as part
of the Project Status Infrastructure, see

You may also want to download the Phoenix Starter Kit from
It contains a set of sample pages that you can easily derive from.

Edit all files to your needs, then commit them to CVS.
You can preview all your changes in the PHP Browser below the editor
(should open automatically when you dbl click on a html or php file).

As you go along with PHPEclipse, you may want to edit preferences
for the external tools (xampp): 
Window > Preferences > PHPEclipse Web Development > PHP External Tools
Adjust the pathes as needed (the defaults are from an earlier release
of xampp).

More docu and information you find here:
To get the official names for your project from what the EMO currently
uses, you can look at the following sites:

You might also want to look at other projects that already use
Phoenix for their Websites, by checking out "www/eclipse" or "www/gmf".

For Excel on IP-Log, do Control Panel : Regional Settings : English
--> It will use "," as separator; if German is chosen, it uses ";" 

Good luck creating your webspace,
Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver, Austria

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