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[dsdp-pmc] PMC Meeting Minutes - Thursday 6/22

PMC Meeting Minutes – Thursday 6/22


Action items are in red.



·         Virtual server - Martin O

·         Using xen.  Still to be done by webmaster (after Callisto).

·         Can share among all of our projects.

·         Provide online docs that people can get to without installing the projects

·         Setup online scripts that extract docs from CVS and put them on the virtual server

·         Both eRCP and NAB think they can use.

·         AI: Martin to send out instructions.

·         Code contribution approval

·         See “Process for Code Contributions / Feature Additions” email

·         No comments…everyone is happy with the process


Project Updates

  • DD
    • Update on contributions – WR signoff process is done.
  • eRCP
    • M9 released last week.  This is last release before 1.0.
    • Transition and reviews:  Bjorn says they can have a 1.0 release in the Technology project or DSDP project.  Mark would like do the 1.0 in DSDP to separate the transfer of infrastructure from the release.  Steps:  Move review, transfer of infrastructure, release review.  Schedule the move review in early July.  Doug back from vacation past July 13.
    • AI:  Mark to email Committer list with company affiliation to dsdp-pmc.
    • Doug:  File a bugzilla to get a committer list – something more than what’s on the dashboard.
  • MTJ (Mika not present)
    • Binaries on eclipse – is this resolved?
    • Current release date?
    • Blackberry and Motorola participation update?
  • NAB
    • English user’s manual completed – framework and user documentation.  To be committed.
    • Shigeki: send link to documentation to dsdp-pmc.
    • Almost completed the first milestone release.  Shigeki will use 0.9 as the release number since it’s functionally complete.
    • Doug will now follow up with potential American company participants.
    • Community building.
      • DSDP workshop in Japan – Aug 2.  Will do some recruiting.
      • AI:  everyone send the press scripts to dsdp-pmc to provide current project Status for Shigeki.  Martin will resend his as an example.
  • TM
    • Bug fixing on-going.
    • Symbian is contributing something for auto-discovery of services.
    • Still planning to do a release review later this year.


Technical articles

  • eRCP – working on one for “Eclipse Review Magazine”
  • DD – embedded-intel magazine
  • NAB – recent article based on Doug’s ESC paper – end of July
  • AI:  Everyone to email dsdp-pmc when they talk to the press or publish to help foster communication.


Discussion:  new project dashboard and good project metrics


Aug 3 – next meeting date at same time.


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