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[dsdp-pmc] Notes from PMC meeting 5/2/06

Here are notes from yesterday’s meeting.  Action items are in red.


DSDP marketing activities – Doug


I am working on press communications for June to update folks on the current state of DSDP projects and where to get code.  See below for action items on individual project communications.


Release Plans, IP Due Diligence



-          IBM contribution is approved

-          Nokia and EclipseME – not yet approved

-          Still planning a release a June, but there is high risk on this date.  Need approval in 2 weeks in order to hold to the June date.  Sourceforge is another option, but not very desirable.  The EclipseME stuff will likely not finish, so MTJ will have to pursue other options.

-          AI: Mika will following up with Nokia on talking to the Press

-          AI: Press script on your release plans and features



-          Due Diligence approved

-          AI: Initial commits next week.

-          AI: Update website

-          Articles for “Eclipse Magazine” in Japan – print magazine only.  Will have a DSDP special issue is in July.  Will write based on Doug’s ESC article.  Article is due at end of May, so Shigeki will need press scripts from all projects.

-          AI: Press script of your release plans

-          NAB also supports other languages besides C++:  perl, python, Java.  Shigeki would also like to release the Java version.

-          Future discussion: how does NAB work with eRCP?



-          Due Diligence approved.

-          Releasing in September, but there will be useful technology available in June.  RSE, update site, secure shell.

-          AI: Press script on your release plans and features (simplified version of project plan).  Will be similar to getting started update on website.



-          Due Diligence approved.  Current prototyping work will not fall under Due Diligence requirements because it is new work from committers.

-          AI: Press script on release plans


Community building



-          Craig is participating, but is not currently a committer.  Contributing some code to MTJ, but will continue EclipseME for a while until MTJ gains in popularity.

-          Mika is working with IBM on future contributions



-          Talking to some companies about contributing now.  No new companies yet.


AI: Doug to find out about incubation exit steps.  Everyone should read the Release Review steps.


Open question: Does 1.0 version = incubation exit = release review?  Martin comments that if this process takes a while and is hard, we should really work on building the committer community now.


Council meetings in Chicago


Mika and Doug are going.


AI:  Doug to send agenda around for comments and anything the subprojects want covered.


Next Meeting


5/24, using Skype


0700 Boston

1300 Salzburg

1400 Helsinki

2000 Tokyo


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