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RE: [dsdp-pmc] MTJ: Vote on IP contribution for EclipseME

+1 from Martin Oberhuber.
Martin Oberhuber - WindRiver, Austria

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Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2006 5:52 PM
To: dsdp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [dsdp-pmc] MTJ: Vote on IP contribution for EclipseME



From: mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 5:39 AM
To: Gaff, Doug; moride@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Oberhuber, Martin


Hi again,
An other project we are co-operating in MTJ is EclipseME. Actually Craig Setera who is driver in EclipseME participate MTJ (which is very good thing).

Anyway we have agreed with Craig that we can use EclipseME as one source to implement MTJ.
See Petri's mail below:
So I would like to ask your vote again.
Thanks, mho

=== Petri's mail ======= Petri's mail ======= Petri's mail ====

Hi Mika,

Next initial code that we would like to use in the MTJ and that should go through due diligence process is eclipseME. EclipseME is develop in open source project ( and is already under EPL license. It is agreed with EclipseME project lead (Craig Setera) that the code can be used in the MTJ.

Main areas in eclipseME are:
- SDK management
- pre-processing
- build management

Could you please get approval from DSDP PMC.



=== Petri's mail ======= Petri's mail ======= Petri's mail ====


Hi Guys, Next step for us is to provide parts of Nokia Carbide.j product to MTJ. Pieces Nokia is contributing from Carbide.j are:
1) Mobile project creation code
2) MIDP and PP packaking process code.
3) MIDP signing code process
4) Mobile SDK management code
5) UI designer eclipse integration code
6) Running on emulator code
7) Web Services tool code
8) Audio converter code
I would like to ask DSDP PMC acceptance for this contribution. Could you please vote? mho

From: ext Gaff, Doug [mailto:doug.gaff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 14 March, 2006 17:27
To: Hoikkala Mika (Nokia-TP-MSW/Helsinki); moride@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: DSDP PMC: Vote - Initial MTJ code for PMC approval

As per the Eclipse development process, we need an official PMC vote for sub-projects to commit new IP. I expect this to be a formality in most cases. Possible exceptions might be questionable licensing or cryptography, which we may first want to discuss as a group.

I’m sending out the first email as an example, but project leads should feel free to do this in the future.
The code below is an IBM contribution to MTJ. Can everyone please vote?
+1 from Doug Gaff

From: mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 9:16 AM
To: Gaff, Doug
Subject: FW: Initial code for PMC approval

Hi Doug,
These would be initial contributions from IBM to MTJ.
We could now start to practise PMC approvals for these contributions...

From: ext Kevin M Horowitz [mailto:khorowit@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 14 March, 2006 15:25
To: Hoikkala Mika (Nokia-TP-MSW/Helsinki)
Cc: Virtanen Petri.J (Nokia-TP-MSW/Tampere)
Subject: Initial code for PMC approval


The initial code that IBM has or is putting into the archive is:
1) Project creation code
2) MIDP specific file creation (JAD/MANIFEST.MF) code, and synchronization (I have something to check-in for this now)
3) MIDP and PPro signing code (using IBM J9 or Sun WTK/J2SE signing) routines
4) Project build and packaging code.

These need PMC approval to fill out the Questionnaire.

Kevin Horowitz (khorowit@xxxxxxxxxx)
IBM Software Group
8051 Congress Ave.
Boca Raton, Fl 33487
+1-561-862-2113 (t/l 975)

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