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[dsdp-pmc] DSDP PMC: new committers

Resend of initial committer list email.


From: Gaff, Doug
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 4:28 AM
To: mika.hoikkala@xxxxxxxxx; Shigeki Moride; Oberhuber, Martin
Subject: RE: DSDP PMC: new committers


Hello PMC. 


This is the official email listing the initial committers for all DSDP sub-projects.  All PMC members have voted +1 for this list.  You can reference this email when you fill out the provisioning request to get your new committers in the system.


Please note that you must ensure that the appropriate committer agreements have been filled out (individual or member committer agreements), and the committers must fill out the committer questionnaire as described on this page.  Please ping me if you have questions or problems getting started.


For new committers beyond this point, please follow the procedure in the standard charter:


The procedure is simply that each project votes in new committers as described in the charter, and the nominated committer is then voted on by the PMC – although I expect the PMC step to only be a formality.


Congratulations everyone on the next step:  code check-ins!






Dave Dykstal - IBM

Dave McKnight - IBM

Martin Oberhuber - Wind River

Michael Scharf - Wind River

Uwe Stieber - Wind River



Doug Gaff – Wind River

Ted Williams – Wind River

Pawel Piech – Wind River

Paul Gingrich – TI

Chris Recoskie – TI

Samantha Chan – IBM

Darin Wright – IBM

Pete Nichols – IBM

Aaron Spear – Mentor

Ken Ryall – Nokia

Kirk Beitz – Freescale

Ewa Matejska – PalmSource



Mika Hoikkala - Nokia

Arto Laurila - Nokia

Petri Virtanen - Nokia

Minna Bloigu - Nokia

Marius Voicu - Nokia

Jesper Aaen - Nokia

Kevin Horowitz  - IBM



Shigeki Moride -Fujitsu

Shun-ichi Hirabayashi - Fujitsu


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