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Re: [dash-dev] for Eclipse Gemini?

I'll expand since I have a bit of time now.

- is running on the free version of Nexus, not Nexus Pro and as such has no staging repository support which is a critical feature when it comes to deploying releases...we have been offered a free version of Nexus Pro but that is not allowed to be used by the Foundation.  Staged releases are important because without them there is no checkpoint between what is deployed for a release and what actually enters the release repository.  Even a simple network glitch on upload can doom a release and without the ability to stage/drop a release it is playing with fire deploying straight into a maven release repository.  

- unless things have changed, the webmasters are not responsible for at all, that means Denis is not on the line to support it as a critical component of eclipse architecture, which makes it _not_ a critical component, which means to me you should not depend on it, certainly not for deploying actual release artifacts.

- on the topic of orbit dependencies, there is currently no path to having them in maven central which is _critical_ for eclipse projects to deploy into maven central since we have to reference signed dependencies that exist in orbit for anything that is to be downloaded from so unless you want a very confusing build you are going to have to handle those dependencies yourself.  In jetty we publish our handful of orbit artifacts under org.eclipse.jetty.orbit groupId in maven central and hate every minute of it, but what do you do?  At least our dependency list is very small so it is only an annoyance.

- On a CBI call a while back Andrew Ross mentioned that the orbit dependencies in maven central deal was something that they were going to be hopefully addressing in the next year but there is no firm date on that and much remains unclear about how that is all going to resolve itself.  It is a tough sell how to organize this, not to mention the idea of redeploying the same class bits into central with just some adjusted metadata to make it an osgi bundle.  They look to be trying to make into a maven central lite that only has eclipse IP clear stuff in it, and that might work for some people but most people I know will shun such an attempt.  Jetty itself would be unlikely use such an effort, and if we did it would only be in addition to releasing to maven central which is top priority for us.

- One of the reasons that maven is powerful _is_ maven central.   A central location with everything you want to build against, easily found and consumed.  It is a very bitter pill to accept to ask users of yours to add in repository urls for release artifacts to their project, especially when you are not certain it will be a durable repository.  Unless you get Denis and the webmasters to bring under the 5 9's support it is not a good thing to do to your users IMO.  Builds are critical.

Anyway, on a Vert.x thread about them coming to eclipse Wayne said that there were big plans for and it could turn into a safe place to put your of right now though I would shy away until it has a clear mandate that is widely communicated (ie wayne's comments on that vert.x thread were news to me :)


jesse mcconnell

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 4:32 PM, Jesse McConnell <jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

deploy it to central through has no clear mandate at this point, no path to having artifacts sent to maven central, and when you go into maven central you have to work out the orbit dependency issues yourself which is important. (which also currently have no path to maven central either)


jesse mcconnell

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 4:18 PM, Kissner, Juergen <juergen.kissner@xxxxxxx> wrote:



on behalf of the Eclipse Gemini project[1], I would like to collect some information concerning the repository. The subject has been brought up in a post in our forum[2]. Obviously, it would be nice for users of Eclipse Maven artifacts to access them through a central repository.


The Gemini sub projects offer their Maven artifacts in a common repository as described in [3]. This is true for released versions. However, each sub projects has its own private Maven repository for milestones. The Maven artifacts of most projects still require some manual steps.


For the Gemini project and its users the  looks like an attractive option. We have discussed the subject, but had still several question, as you can see in our meeting minutes[4].


I have discovered the wiki page [5], and have been looking at the dash mailing list. From the wiki, the repository and [6], I have the impression that the repository is still work in progress.


What is your recommendation?

Would it be possible to

1)      replicate our Gemini repository [6]  to

2)      access the replicated repository using the repository url like <url></url>

3)      browsed our artifacts with Nexus?


Clearly, it would be essential for our users to access a repository that will not vanish in the near future. Would there be any decision at some stage which somehow guarantees the survival of the repository for some time?


How should we proceed, if we think that the repository would be a good choice?


Thanks a lot,













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