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[dali-dev] Re: Dali version change - 3.0 -> 2.3

This change has been completed.  The Dali Helios version is now officially 2.3.

Committers - Please use the new 2.3 milestones when targeting bugs. 


Neil Hauge wrote:
In an effort to accurately follow the Eclipse Version Numbering guidelines*, the Dali version number for Helios is being changed from "3.0" to "2.3" to correspond with the largest version increment experienced in the Dali plugins (2.2 -> 2.3).  Plugin versions as always continue to be governed by the guidelines.

This change does not indicate any loss of planned functionality.  Dali 2.3 is still adding comprehensive support for JPA 2.0 and support for EclipseLink 2.x, but due to the fact that no *Public* API has been broken from the previous version, it is technically incorrect to increment the major version segment of the overall Dali feature since no single plugin has incremented its major segment.

Feature version numbers will be changed in code and 3.0 bugs will be migrated to corresponding 2.3 buckets.  Project metadata and the project plan will also be updated, as well as bug queries that point to 3.0 bugzilla entries.

Let me know if you have any question about this.  From what I can deduce, this should not be problematic from a technical (install/update) perspective, assuming that previous 3.0 milestones are not published or maintained on future production repositories.  I plan to make these changes for the upcoming M5.


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