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[cross-project-issues-dev] p2 API changes in Helios

If you use p2 API, please read on, otherwise feel free to ignore.

As part of the Helios work, the p2 team is planning on graduating part of its provisional API, changing its API to use Java 5 language features and refactoring some bundles.
Because we will not be able to come to the definite shape on all of these changes in one milestone, we are trying to identify the components of the train who have dependencies on p2 so that we can work with the teams to get the changes adopted in a timely fashion for each milestone (M3 / M4 and M5).

To help us identify every component and get a contact person for each of them, we are asking every component owner using p2 API to open a bug against p2 [1] identifying the location of their source code in the SCM, and their adoption pace of a new build (every I build, M build).

Related to p2, but slightly of topic, I have noticed that the release must have about 4 different ways to install extensions / adaptors (Mylyn, Pulsar, WTP, SVN), and I'm curious to see if we could come up with one solution. Please see that in bug



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