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[cosmos-dev] Design process

Hi team,

I took as an action from this morning's summit call to review the COSMOS dev process on design documents and offer feedback.

I believe the information in this section could be beefed up a bit.  In particular, the nature of my questions regarding the SDD runtime design were surrounding whether there is a signoff procedure for designs.  The answer to my question was not clear from reviewing the section above.

I would like to suggest the following re-wording ...

"Assigned developer(s) should create designs and post them on the COSMOS wiki<> for Community review.  For complex designs, the assigned developer(s) or sub-project lead may request that the community review and formally signoff on the design."

I believe in many circumstances designs are straight forward enough to not warrant further review in the community.  We should not place undue burden on ourselves with formally reviewing all designs.  However, when designs are complicated and/or interface with other areas of the overall project I believe we should have a more formal signoff procedure that the assigned developer(s) or sub-project lead may request.

Thoughts?  I'll be glad to update the wiki.


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