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RE: [cdt-dev] Those pesky linked resources

In 2.0.1 you can build a project with linked resources in it, assuming
that your build options (include paths, etc.) are setup properly to
build those resources.  That's about the extent of the support.

Dealing with linked resources is very problematic.  The problem is that
make doesn't know anything about Eclipse's notion of linked resources
(there is no symbolic link created in the filesystem - all knowledge of
the link is contained within Eclipse).  Thus, anything that gets passed
down to make already has to be resolved to a real path in the

This becomes hard to do because in theory, we have no way of knowing
what the contents of any individual option might be.  E.g. you might
define a string list option in your toolchain -- how do we know if this
option can take filenames/directory names as input or not?  And who
knows... maybe you have some weird option which takes a big list of
parameters, some of which *might* be files/directories which might
require resolution, others which might not be files or directories at

We could probably handle this properly for the "well known" types of
options, such as include paths and the list of libraries.  It's still
tricky though.  Currently there is no special option type to single out
the "linker search path" to the build system, and that is another
obvious candidate for a fix for this problem.

Currently there is no real plan for the next version of managed build to
fix this (see the current proposal at, but I think we
should consider this in the proposal.

Chris Recoskie
Software Designer
IDE Frameworks Group
Texas Instruments, Toronto

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Those pesky linked resources
> Can anyon comment on new functionality in the CDT 2.0.x that supports
> linked resources better than the old 1.2.x?  For instance, the managed
> builder in 1.2.x had trouble with linked resources (because make
> know about them).  Likewise, we have our own troubles with them in our
> standard make projects.
> I've noticed in CDT 2.0.x that I cannot use linked resources in the
> Include Paths property page.  It's like the resources are not being
> resolved to physical locations (our linked resources use linked
> variables).
> How does the CDT 2.0.x support linked resources better, if at all, and
> what
> are the plans for the future of the CDT?
> Chad Barnes
> Rockwell Collins Inc.
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