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Re: [cbi-dev] Juno packages using CBI platform

Yes, I agree that this one has the potential to confuse many people...
But let's start with some thoughts from my point of view.

The EPP packages are build in two steps:

The first step is currently done by Buckminster, but could be replaced by every Eclipse build technology out there in the future. It compiles source code and configuration into p2 metadata and branding plug-ins/features and creates the 'EPP p2 repository', but it doesn't 'compile' anything from other Eclipse projects.

The second step is done by the p2 director. It 'assembles' the parts that are already there. These parts are consumed from two sources: The common p2 repository of the Simultaneous Release and the EPP p2 repository.

Since this is the CBI mailing list: What I've planned for the next weeks (as a personal task) is a test-migration of the first step from Buckminster to Tycho. This is now possible because Indigo SR2 is done and I've moved EPP from CVS to Git. If this test-migration from Buckminster to Tycho is successful I would propose to switch to the EPP package maintainers who are required for the final decision. And this would bring us a huge step forward to what I think is CBI.

Consuming the output of the Eclipse Platform CBI build prototype is a much bigger change. If (and only if) the output is really identical it should be (technically!) easy to consume the CBI build of the Eclipse Platform. Technically in an ideal world. But if and when such a major change happens has to be decided by the package maintainers and should be discussed on epp-dev. To me this feels a bit late for Juno and there were many if's in my last sentences. What we could discuss (again: on epp-dev) is to provide test-builds against the Eclipse Platform CBI build prototype output.

But... you've written it in your first sentence: This is a source of confusion, we have probably different expectations, and we need to clarify these things.


On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 10:28, Aleksandar Kurtakov <akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Subject: [cbi-dev] Juno packages using CBI platform
> Hi Everyone,
> I have another item that may be a source of confusion that I'd like
> to
> sort out. Here goes:
> What we're aiming to do is have the Juno packages available from the
> Downloads site for SR0 (or sooner if/once we're ready) be based on
> the
> CBI build of the Eclipse platform. Except, Eclipse Classic, which
> will
> continue to be based on the PDE built version.

I don't understand what exactly does it mean.
Does it mean that CBI will be used for Eclipse Platform Juno builds?
Or does it mean that CBI (aka tycho p2 repository ) will replace the current b3aggregator train build?
What does SR0 mean? Do you mean SR1 or the Juno release in June?
If we speak about the Juno platform release switching the platform build after M6 sounds way too late in the release cycle in my opinion.


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