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[bpel-dev] Initial code release

Hi all,

We've released some code to the BPEL project. This code represents the initial state of the BPEL editor and model. This isn't necessarily the complete contribution - stay tuned to this channel. This contribution doesn't include validation, samples, docs, nor any runtime framework or debug code.

The web page is and will be updated in the near future with this information (and more).

** So you want to try it out...

1. Get these dependencies:

Eclipse 3.2M3
EMF 2.2.0M3
GEF 3.2M3
WST (Web Standard Tools) 1.0M8 (1.0M9 is out now and should work as well)

Make sure your Target Platform includes these dependencies (see Window->Preferences->Plug-in Development->Target Platform)

2. Check out the following plug-ins from :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/technology

In folder org.eclipse.bpel/plugins:


3. Launch a runtime workbench (a.k.a. Eclipse Application).

4. Create a new project. In this project, drop the attached .bpel and .wsdl files.

5. Double-click on the .bpel file to open the BPEL editor.

** What does it do?

-Opens, views, edits and saves a .bpel file
-Create new activities, modify their properties (in the Properties view)
-Supports BPEL 1.1 + a few select OASIS issues

** What doesn't it do yet?

-No file browsing dialogs, so you can't browse for WSDL or XSD files
-No wizard to create new BPEL files
-Full BPEL 2.0 compliance
-Validation, Debug, or talking to a Runtime

** I found a bug!

We now have Bugzilla components (in the Technology Project). Or you can click here to log a bug directly into one of our components:

Patches are most welcome.


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